Real Estate Success Story – My Exit Strategy Paid off

In 2012, Lynda Hamid, a government civil service secretary from Texas, sent us her first “Real Estate Success Story.”
In September 2013, Lynda retired from her civil service job after 25 years. Her pension was so small that if she didn’t have a real estate business on the side, she wouldn’t be able live a decent retirement.
Her real estate success continues today, as she put her “exit strategy” into motion to fund her retirement…

9 Affordable Strategies to Find, Buy, and Sell Real Estate

Buying and selling real estate can take a great deal of time and money. And since time is possibly the most valuable commodity of them all, expert, Rick Tobin, has compiled a list of some affordable strategies to find (and sell) properties.
Here are 9 affordable strategies to find highly motivated sellers and great real estate deals…

What's the Best Way to Structure Multiple Real Estate Investments?

If you’re like most real estate investors, you probably own more than one property. Or, maybe you have your first investment and you’re ready to expand.
One of the most common questions from real estate investors is about how to structure multiple investment properties: Is it better to form separate LLCs for each property or to house them all under one LLC?

How to Create Your Personal Investing Plan This Year!

What if you could quickly create your own personal investing plan, so that you have a crystal clear focus on what you need to do right NOW rather than getting caught up in the endless supply of “guru” strategies.
Jim Ingersoll, is going to help you create your own personal plan today by focusing in on some simple key questions. Your responses will become your pathway to your personal investing plan.

When You Can't Bear Your Job Anymore, Read This…

I think I was about 40 when I had the epiphany that super-charged my life. I didn’t need to save a massive nest egg to retire, I just needed enough monthly, passive income to exceed the amount of my monthly bills.
Once I achieved that, I’d be free of jobs and work schedules forever. No commute, no kooky bosses or coworkers.

Landlord 101: How to Evict a Tenant

Even if you’re a great landlord, you’ll probably have to go through the eviction process at least once in your career.
Whether a tenant is disturbing other tenants, struggling to pay rent, or damaging your rental property, as a landlord, you need to have a firm understanding for when it’s legal to evict a tenant, as well as the lease termination process.

Curb Appeal: Green Lawns, Landscaping & Cash Returns

Some sellers may spend anywhere between $20,000 and $100,000 (or more) remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms by way of new paint, flooring upgrades, kitchen appliances, or new cabinetry and run out of money to fix up and improve the outdoor area.
An investment in outdoor living areas can be much more affordable and profitable than indoor remodels. A healthy, vibrant yard and a green thumb can lead to very green investment returns!

4 Fundamentals of Finding the Most Undervalued Property on Earth

You shouldn’t think the home’s curb appeal is irresistible, its countertops are gorgeous, and its amenities are impeccable. In fact, you should probably think everything about it is ugly and tacky.
View the house similar to how an artist looks at a blank canvas: full of potential. A good investment is one that’s forward-thinking.

Declining Days on Market & Increasing Price Trends

The National Association of Realtors® recently published a national sales report for existing properties sold between January and June 2016.
Let’s review some of the key Days on Market and other home sales data trends in 2015 and the first half of 2016 to better understand the positive home sales numbers…

The Benefits of Refinancing Your IRA-Owned Real Estate

Using debt leverage means an investor can purchase a property worth two or three times what they could have purchased out of pocket–or it can enable the investor to purchase multiple rental properties for their self-directed IRA.
Find out how it works…

The Top 10 Rebounding U.S. Metropolitan Housing Markets

The Credit Crisis has impacted housing price movements somewhat like a Yo-Yo toy, swinging from peak highs to peak lows in short periods of time.
Some regions have rebounded quite strongly, while other regions are still struggling to get closer to their once peak-price highs of the past decade or so. Let’s take a look…

Why Millennials Are Investing Real Estate

We’ve seen an increase in the number of Millennials (those born after 1980) investing in real estate. This has some of us wondering, why and how?
It also has many of us exploring the channels that enable Millennials to invest and the new resulting opportunities for all players in the real estate industry.

Positive Housing News of 2016

We’ve seen plenty of negative economic data, statistics, and other financial stories: Troubling unemployment numbers, government debt, a weakening dollar’s purchasing power, rising inflation, and asset valuation trends.
There’s also been some very positive news as we approach the middle of 2016…

Simplify Your Real Estate with These Web-Based Solutions

The latest advances in technology have given birth to a flock of web-based startups, simplifying processes and saving time.
The real estate industry is finally catching up with innovation and there are now several startups offering diverse services, making real estate easier, and contributing to one of the leading industries in the world.

[VIDEO] Your First Phone Call with a Motivated Seller

What do you want to accomplish over the phone? The goal of the first phone call is not to negotiate a deal. A lot of people try to do that on the first call, and it’s a big mistake.
In this short video, real estate investor and attorney, William Bronchick, explains the two things you need to get from the first phone call and why…

5 Misconceptions About Real Estate Investing–Debunked!

It’s amazing how utterly uninformed the general public is about real estate investing and what it means to be a real estate investor.
Here’s a list of some common misconceptions about real estate investing and the people who earn a living or grow their retirement by investing in real estate.
Let’s take a look at these misconceptions, and contrast them with the facts…

New Lending Rules & the Need for "Creative" Financing

With falling profit margins for conventionally funded mortgages (partly due to allowable capped mortgage fees), fewer mortgage professionals may be willing to work on conventional loans.
It’s much easier for a buyer/borrower to qualify for creative seller financing as opposed to a traditional bank loan.
There may never be a better time for real estate investors to use creative financing strategies… Here’s why:

The Growing U.S. Rental Industry & How You Can Profit

Declining home ownership has catalyzed the American rental industry, with the average renter household growth reaching 770,000 annually.
The increasing demand of rental accommodation has pushed national vacancy rates to 20-year lows.
Could these circumstances make NOW the perfect time for real estate investors to cash-in on the current rental growth and get their hands on rental properties?

Investing in Small Apartments for Monthly Income

Many real estate investors today are looking for ongoing cash flow–especially as they grow closer to retirement. Investing in smaller apartment buildings is a wonderful way to derive a solid income stream.
Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be more likely to invest in one that is lucrative and brings fewer headaches…

Top 5 Tips for Wholesaling Houses

Wholesaling is a simple concept, yet many investors don’t succeed because they don’t educate themselves enough to pull one off.
Wholesaling is simply tying up a deal, then reselling it to another investor for a fee. But, as they say, “The devil is in the details.”
Here are 5 super-practical tips for pulling off a wholesale deal:

The New TRID Disclosures & Guidelines (Traffic Gridlock)

TRID is The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s “Know Before You Owe” TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure form.
Any time new paperwork is added to mortgage and real estate closings, it takes some time to learn:
1. How to best complete the forms, and
2. How to explain the new forms to clients or other investors
U.S. home sales slowed in November 2015 – partly as a result of the new TRID paperwork traffic gridlock, which reduced the number of closings.

How to Retire *This Year* Using Real Estate

If you dream of immediate retirement, this is your year. The good life stands ready and waiting for you to claim it.
If you’re motivated, there’s no reason you can’t self-educate and retire within the next 12 months, no matter how much money you have right now.
You’re going to use real estate to do it…

Top 5 Trends for Real Estate in 2016

Real estate was on a fairly smooth ride for the majority of 2015, despite warnings that another housing bubble is imminent.
With the arrival of 2016, it’s a good time to take a look at where the market is headed over the next twelve months. Here are some of the trends we can expect to see unfold…

The Key to Massive Real Estate Success This Year

What is the magic pixie dust that successful investors have found that makes it so easy for them?
I have some news for you: There is no magic pixie dust, and there is no get rich quick button.
Success comes from commitment to small steps, repeated each and every day of the year.

3 Ways to Save Thousands on Your Next "Fix & Flip"

Buying, rehabbing, and flipping houses can be risky when done wrong. On the other hand, if you do everything right… you can create a very big pay day for yourself!
Here are 3 specific ways to mange your capital and save big when rehabbing houses.

A Lease with Option to Buy Is a Great Way to Start!

Essentially a lease is an agreement that allows you to control a piece of property without owning it.
An option is simply the exclusive right, but not the obligation, to buy the property over a given period of time for a pre-determined price. Here’s why it’s great for beginners…

How Water Attracts Real Estate…

The #1 location that supports the highest property values is adjacent to a large body of water, such as an ocean, lake, river, stream, or wetlands region.
Ironically, water can also cause the most damage to real estate due to flooding, mold, and storms. As such, water can be a property’s best ally or worst foe…

3 Reasons You Need a Verbal Agreement Before You Write an Offer

One thing I’ve learned over the years and after closing hundreds of deals is that there are ways to cut down the amount of offers you write and save yourself a lot of time.
But there’s much more to this strategy than saving time. You’re building trust and rapport with the sellers, which will increase the likelihood of them signing your offer!

Real Estate Investors: Follow Population Trends and Job Growth

Population trends, job growth, and access to capital are three of the primary catalysts for any type of boom or bust housing cycle. Money and jobs attract people. People need a place to live.
So pay attention the numbers, such as home values, vacancy rates, and most importantly, the direction of the population…

[VIDEO] How to Estimate Home Repairs in 15 Minutes or Less

There are 3 ways you can determine the repairs needed on a house: Hire a licensed contractor, pay for an inspection, or you can learn to “ballpark” the repairs do-it-yourself style.
Expert, Jim Ingersoll, shows you how to estimate home repair costs DIY-style in 15 minutes or less

Buying Trends for Wealthy and More Affordable U.S. Regions

Investors who focus on higher-priced, affluent regions may find themselves competing with wealthy (foreign and U.S.) investors and multi-billion dollar hedge funds.
Investors who target properties at or below median price levels should learn more about the mortgage-qualifying trends because either way, we all need money to get in the game…

#1 Way to Get Unrealistic Sellers Down on Price

One of the biggest reasons for failing to put a contract together with motivated sellers is that they’re not realistic on price. For one reason or another, they feel that their house is worth much more than it is.
You really can’t blame them. They are most likely uninformed and looking out for their own best interest–to get the most money possible.

The Amazing Power of Income Property Math

If I had the power to make schools teach one thing, it would be this: Trading time for money is the least effective way to earn income. JOB truly does stand for “Just Over Broke.”
If I had the power to make schools teach two things, the second would be….

Lease Option vs Subject To – Which Is the Best Way to Buy?

The seller needed to sell fast, and I felt that owner financing was the best way to go. So, should I lease option this property or take it subject to the existing mortgage?
In this example, buying the house “subject to” was necessary to protect my initial investment. In other instances, a lease with option would work better. It all depends….

Consider Investing in Older Houses Near Newer Homes

One of the best ways to profit from investing in real estate is to buy an older home surrounded by larger and newer homes. It’s called “The Principle of Progression.”
It’s an excellent opportunity for investors. Here’s why…

[VIDEO] Investing With No Money Down – "Subject To"

Buying “subject to” is a low-risk, creative, and financially rewarding way to buy real estate without using any of your own money or credit. You get instant ownership without taking on any debt to your name.
Learn how to buy nice houses “subject to” the existing financing….

The Real Estate See Saw: Falling Rates & Rising Prices

In recent years, dramatically falling interest rates, housing inventory, vacancy rates, and cap rates have lead to rising residential and commercial values because they’re inverse to one another–like a see saw on the playground.
Let’s enjoy the good times…

How to Find Great Deals: Looking For Buried Treasure

I’ve often thought of real estate investing as looking for buried treasure except that in this case, it’s treasure that everyone can see, if they only had the eyes for it.
So how do you develop a house-buying eagle eye? The first thing you will need to do is to identify your “sweet spot”….

Top 10 Real Estate Web and Mobile Resources

Technology changes fast, and that’s a great thing for everyone involved with real estate.
Here are some of the best web resources and mobile apps that make it so much easier for real estate investors to connect with motivated sellers, operate more efficiently, and do more deals.

The First to Fund Wins the Race

In real estate investing, time is money. Sellers are more likely to sell to the buyer who can fund and close the fastest and easiest.
Investors who can fund the quickest are the most likely to get their purchase offers accepted by motivated sellers.

How Social Media And Technology Have Changed Real Estate Investing

The average person today has just a 7-second attention span. The average goldfish has a slightly more impressive 8-second attention span. People prefer quick videos, short blogs, and snappy photos.
In the race towards prosperity, time is of the utmost importance in today’s lightning quick world.

5 Reasons Yellow Letters Generate a Higher Response Rate

Yellow letters get opened!
They look like real letters, or invitations, or personal thank-you notes you’d receive from someone you know. They’re hand addressed and use a real postage stamp.
And when you mail them to a targeted list, your response rate can be phenomenal….

Real Estate Investing News This Week 2014-10-25

All the Real Estate News That’s Fit to RE-Print™
* U.S. Foreclosure Activity Edges Up in Third Quarter
* Zombie Foreclosures – Millions of Delinquent Tax Revenue
* Home Builder Confidence Drops 5 Points
* Distressed Sales – Only 11% of Total Home Sales

Top 2 Best Ways to Find Great Apartment Buildings to Wholesale

If you’re wholesaling apartment buildings, your job is finding great deals–deals so good that investors act fast to take them off the market, before investors snatches them up.
There are a quite a few ways to find multi-family deals, but these two approaches will provide you a steady flow of great deals that you can either flip for quick cash or “buy and hold” for cash flow.

Real Estate Investing News This Week 2014-10-11

All the Real Estate News That’s Fit to RE-Print™
* Best College Towns for Buying Rentals and for Flipping
* Home Prices Are Up 6.4 Percent Year Over Year
* States At Highest Risk for Property Damage
* How the Major Cities Did in July 2014

Top 3 Creative Seller Financing Options

How do you structure a deal if you can’t find outside financing?
I’ve used a number of creative financing options as either a buyer, seller, or as a deal facilitator for others.
Here are some of my favorites….

Real Estate Investing News This Week 2014-09-27

All the Real Estate News That’s Fit to RE-Print™
* 946,000 Residential Properties Regained $1 Trillion in Equity
* Sales of Residential Properties Down 16 Percent
* Existing Home Sales Fall in August
* House Prices Up 4.4 Percent From Year Ago

The 10 Commandments of Property Management

Although I read books and attended trainings on property management when I first got started, the bulk of these 10 commandments came from over a decade in The School of Hard Knocks.
Every landlord should apply these simple principles….

Top 3 Web Resources for Landlords

The key to being a successful Landlord is having great systems in place–like a professional manager. With these three web resources, you’ll be able to reduce your stress level and increase your productivity.
Then you can focus on increasing profits and buying more houses….

5 Best Improvements for Your Investment Property

Landlords and “fix and flip” investors upgrade their properties to increase profitability before acquiring tenants or selling units.
Rather than overspending on large or unnecessary improvements, make small updates to your investment properties and reap the monetary rewards through increased rents or higher list prices.
Consider these five upgrades….

Real Estate Investing vs. Stocks, Bonds, and Other Investments

Can you feel safe investing in the Dow Jones Index, which has increased by approximately 10,000 points in just the last 5 years since hitting market lows near 6,500 in 2009?
Real estate offers a better combination of higher potential upside and much better collateral investment protection during sluggish economic times compared to stocks, bonds, banks, or other investments. Find out why….

Top 5 Reasons to Use Websites to Buy Houses

You may be doing other forms of marketing for real estate deals, but if you don’t have a real estate investor website, you’re missing out on some great leads, great deals, instant credibility, rapport building and negotiation, and something that doesn’t take as much time as other forms of marketing.
I’m glad I threw that extra line in the water years ago….

5 Ways to Create Privacy and Protect Your Assets

Asset protection and privacy are created in layers. I like to think of it as peeling back an onion. Each layer is additional protection for your investments.
The more assets you accumulate, the more layers of protection you’ll want to employ to protect both your privacy and your assets.

[VIDEO] Home Renovation Tips for Real Estate Investors

In this short video, real estate investor, Phil Pustejovsky, shows you the specific renovations he did on a recent “fix and flip” deal.
Phil turned an “ugly duckling” property into a swan by doing strictly cosmetic renovations. Apply this knowledge to your own projects and you can avoid costly rehabbing mistakes.

Real Estate Investing News This Week 2014-07-26

All the Real Estate News That’s Fit to RE-Print™
* Home Sales Increased 9 Percent Annually in May
* Existing-Home Sales Up in June but Down from Year Ago
* New Home Sales Collapse, Erasing Recent Surge
* And much, much more…

Make Big Money Buying Small Self Storage Facilities

Many savvy investors are turning self-storage “Cinderella” facilities into the belle of the ball. Some investors and small companies have made a small fortune focusing only on investing in Class C Facilities and improving them to solid Class B contenders.
It’s not as tough as you may think. Here’s how…



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