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Real Estate Investing in the Age of Bitcoin (and other Cryptocurrencies)

Many investors in blockchain networks have made an absolute fortune watching their share prices go from cents to dollars to hundreds of dollars and even tens of thousands of dollars.

It would be a natural transition for holders of digital currencies to take their newfound wealth and roll it from cryptocurrencies into real estate as a way to diversify their financial holdings.

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Which Investing Strategies Work Best for You?

As far as what type of investing, there’s no right or wrong answer. The answer may just be, “It depends.”

That said, There are a few things you should take into consideration when considering an investment strategy, whether it’s your first or your one hundred and first!

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Where to Invest in Real Estate NOW (Inflow, Outflow, Increasing Rates)

As people leave one region (outflow), they need to find a place to live in another city, county, or state.

Savvy real estate investors will keep a close eye on those most popular regions that are attracting new residents (inflow).

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Here’s What to Do If Your Tenant Abandons the Property…

Ever had a tenant leave in the middle of the night – or the middle of an eviction?

Did you ever wonder what to do when the tenant abandons the property? Do you still have to go through an eviction? Here’s what you do…

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Success Story: $295,000 Profit on a Self-Storage Property

I really hadn’t planned on selling the property because I acquired it at a good price and had stabilized it up to 85%-90% within six months.

But, a year later the broker approached me with an offer from a motivated buyer. I ended up selling it for $620k. Not bad for a property I held for only 18 months.

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Real Estate Investing Is a Relationship Business (My Story)

I’m glad to have the opportunity to share my latest investment in hopes of inspiring anyone in need of a nudge or offering some valuable information.

I recently just closed on an under-performing and value-added commercial real estate opportunity – a self-storage property in Kern County, CA.

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How Bill Bought a Mango Farm in Panama with His Self-Directed IRA

When it comes to investing for retirement, which asset class comes to your mind first? Stock, bond, or mutual fund! Isn’t that right?

In this case, our retirement planning hero, Bill, did it differently. Instead of investing in the traditional asset classes, Bill invested in real estate.

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Does Wholesaling Real Estate Work in My Market?

In real estate investing, people constantly are looking for reasons why something won’t work. The good news is: Wholesaling – buying low and selling high – works. Wholesaling works in my market, your market, and every other market.

In fact, wholesaling is the least risky way for a beginning investor to make a profit.

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8 Tips for Cutting Your Losses in Real Estate

If you’re in the real estate game long enough, you may run into a deal that started out great but for some reason became slim.

I hope that one or more of these strategies help you muddle through a deal that has gone or is heading south.

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Boost Your Retirement Plan with Real Estate – The Basics

Are you a real estate investor, or perhaps, you plan to get into real estate investing?

If that’s the case, real estate is probably your preferred investment option for your retirement fund and why not? You already understand real estate investing, trends in your target market, and you enjoy more control over your investments.

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