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How to Value Residential Real Estate – Investors vs. Homeowners

prices vs rent equivalent

One of the most pervasive challenges facing the residential real estate market is determining property values. When it comes to residential property, most end-use buyers think in the same terms as renters: Monthly housing expenditure.

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How Water Attracts Real Estate…

Malibu house

The #1 location that supports the highest property values is adjacent to a large body of water, such as an ocean, lake, river, stream, or wetlands region.

Ironically, water can also cause the most damage to real estate due to flooding, mold, and storms. As such, water can be a property’s best ally or worst foe…

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3 Reasons You Need a Verbal Agreement Before You Write an Offer

It's a deal!

One thing I’ve learned over the years and after closing hundreds of deals is that there are ways to cut down the amount of offers you write and save yourself a lot of time.

But there’s much more to this strategy than saving time. You’re building trust and rapport with the sellers, which will increase the likelihood of them signing your offer!

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Real Estate Investors: Follow Population Trends and Job Growth

urban life

Population trends, job growth, and access to capital are three of the primary catalysts for any type of boom or bust housing cycle. Money and jobs attract people. People need a place to live.

So pay attention the numbers, such as home values, vacancy rates, and most importantly, the direction of the population…

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[VIDEO] Land Trust Basics for Real Estate Investors

land trust basics

In this short video, attorney, Bill Bronchick, explains the basics of using a land trust for your real estate investments, starting with What is a Land Trust? and What Do We Use a Land Trust For?

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[VIDEO] How to Estimate Home Repairs in 15 Minutes or Less

estimate home repairs

There are 3 ways you can determine the repairs needed on a house: Hire a licensed contractor, pay for an inspection, or you can learn to “ballpark” the repairs do-it-yourself style.

Coach, Jim Ingersoll, shows you how to estimate home repair costs DIY-style in 15 minutes or less

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Buying Trends for Wealthy and More Affordable U.S. Regions

pinpoint map

Investors who focus on higher-priced, affluent regions may find themselves competing with wealthy (foreign and U.S.) investors and multi-billion dollar hedge funds.

Investors who target properties at or below median price levels should learn more about the mortgage-qualifying trends because either way, we all need money to get in the game…

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#1 Way to Get Unrealistic Sellers Down on Price

happy motivated sellers

One of the biggest reasons for failing to put a contract together with motivated sellers is that they’re not realistic on price. For one reason or another, they feel that their house is worth much more than it is.

You really can’t blame them. They are most likely uninformed and looking out for their own best interest–to get the most money possible.

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Real Estate Investing News for June 2015


All the Real Estate News That’s Fit to RE-Print™

* Homes Prices Up 6.8%

* Builder Confidence Up 5 Points

* 254,000 Properties Regain Equity

* And more…

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3 Ways to Fund a Real Estate Investment with Your Solo 401k

real estate investment

Many self-employed real estate investors are considering a self-directed Solo 401k plan to grow their retirement funds.

Instead of having their retirement savings stuck in a stock portfolio, investors can now tap into this flexible source of financing for their real estate ventures.

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