For the average real estate investor, 8 out of 10 properties you find have no equity in them. And since equity is critical to making a profit on any deal, no equity, no deal. Right? Not true.

The experienced real estate investor who expects to make big profits and really win at the real estate investing game understands how to create equity in properties that have no equity. This ability is what separates the top investors from the rest of the pack.

Short Sales: the key to making money on no-equity properties

The best way to make money on no-equity properties is through “short sale” strategies. In a short sale, the investor negotiates with the lender who holds the mortgage on the property to buy the property for less than is owed.

For example, if a homeowner facing foreclosure has a $200,000 mortgage on a house worth $200,000, most investors will just walk away from that deal because it has no equity. Experienced real estate investors know how to approach these lenders and negotiate the sale of the property for an amount less than what is owed (a “short sale”) in order to create equity in the property. That way the lender is at least able to get some of the money they were owed, while the investor now has a profitable property.

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