John J. Merchant, JD, EMS is a graduate of SMU School of Law in Dallas, Texas. He practiced law for a number of years before devoting his time to a variety of business interests and investments. He has been involved in investment real estate since before graduating from high school and has owned and managed over 150 properties in eight states, including ranches, oil leases, gas stations, rentals, single family and multiplexes, office buildings, warehouses, and even fast food restaurants.

John is owner and broker of MesaRoya Properties in Tacoma, Washington, a commercial real estate brokerage. He is a Gold Card member of National Council of Exchangors (Equity Management Specialist) and a member of various other real estate exchange and marketing groups.

In 2005 we were honored to present to John a Creative Real Estate Online Certificate of Appreciation plaque for his contributions to our real estate investing forum.