John McCarthy is an international business and financial consultant having had offices in 11 countries throughout Southeast Asia, South Pacific, and a small boutique bank in Northern Europe used as an investment pass-through facility for Russian clients wishing to invest on John-s hedge and venture capital funds.

John has been involved with a number of syndicated real estate projects and is currently wholesaling a number of luxury Orlando condos and townhouses. He has invested thousands of hours researching the debt manufacturing industry and how they lure people into their debt traps and keep them there.

A good part of his research includes the relationship between cash, debts, and wealth and uncovering underlying financial rules that must never be broken.

As a result John has co-authored a book called Debt-2-Riches, a hands on guide to all the right ways to manage cash and debt and how it all relates to building wealth. He created a very user-friendly software application called Money Manager Lite that utilizes all the principles he writes about to rapidly eliminate debts.