Hubert (Hugh) Bromma is CEO of Entrust Administration, Inc. He has decades of experience on the cutting edge of investment education. His business philosophy is providing quality education to enable his clients to enhance their investments. Hugh has written several books on tax-free and tax-deferred investing and has an extensive background in economics and investing.

Since 1981, Entrust Administration and its affiliates have specialized in administration and record-keeping services to individuals and corporations who wish to include non-traditional assets as part of their tax-deferred and tax-free portfolios. They specialize in the third-party administration of self-directed retirement plans, including IRAs (both Traditional and Roth), SEP-IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, and Defined Contribution Plans.

Entrust Administration provides services for investors who wish to control their own investment decisions. This independent administration firm neither limits investment choices nor gives investment advice. Clients receive informed encouragement and support while remaining secure in the knowledge that Entrust will ensure the maintenance of tax-deferred status for each account.