diane kennedyDiane Kennedy, the preeminent tax strategist, is owner of Diane Kennedy & Associates, a leading tax strategy and accounting firm that works with clients throughout the US. Diane is the author of The Wall Street Journal and Business Week bestsellers, Loopholes of the Rich and Real Estate Loopholes and co-author of The Insiders Guide To Real Estate Investing Loopholes and The Insiders Guide to Making Money in Real Estate.

A highly sought-after international speaker and educator, Diane has dedicated her career to empowering and educating others about financial investments and the tax advantages that are available.

Through her knowledge and execution of tax loopholes in her business and real estate investments, she and her husband Richard are able to contribute to special life-changing projects and charities in the US and third-world countries.

Diane specializes in teaching investors how to use legal tax loopholes right now to reduce the amount of tax they pay while building their wealth. She offers several home study courses designed to educate and empower real estate investors in tax-advantaged wealth-building techniques.