It galls me to watch television business “experts” share the same old ineffective retirement advice – save up a big nest egg and live off the interest. This bad advice is ruining people’s lives, as millions of seniors who have followed this advice for decades are discovering right now.
This “advice” totally ignores today’s realities. REAL inflation is running nearly 10% ( Banks are paying less than 2% interest. The stock market prices are in an unsustainable bubble, propped up by $85 billion in monthly counterfeiting by the Federal Reserve.
This can’t continue without destroying the purchasing power of the dollar.
Faced with these staggering challenges, any “gains” gotten through decades of savings and mutual fund investments will have their purchasing power decimated far before savers and investors ever reach retirement age. This financial carnage is unfolding right now.
People deserve better. There is a much better way to retire without working and scrimping and saving for 40 years.

Buy One Property and Retire in Months

happy retired couple

Buy one property and retire in months…

If you buy just one 30+ unit mobile home park, your monthly cash flow can pay all park expenses, including a manager, and all of your personal bills, too.
You can “retire” as soon as you stabilize operations and establish your systems with a manger who works for you.
As you fill vacancies, raise rents, and reduce expenses, you get a dependable, controllable monthly income that is backed by a hard asset that you can see, touch and control.
The benefits of owning a mobile home park exceed those of a job by a factor of a thousand.
You can’t be fired. You’re not tied to any schedule. You don’t have to beg for a raise or a vacation or time off. If you get sick of a job, you quit and get little or nothing. If you get sick of the mobile home park, you have a valuable asset to sell. With a good manager, a mobile home park is 90% passive income for the rest of your life.

Mobile Home Parks vs. “Normal” Retirement Investing

The monthly cash flow from a mobile home park far exceeds that of “normal” retirement investing. If you invest in stocks and they tank, you have nothing. If you invest in a mobile home park and its value drops, you still have your monthly rental income. If inflation wrecks your purchasing power, you have little recourse with stocks or savings. With a mobile home park, you can raise rents, lower expenses or buy another park.
Also, if you have a million dollar nest egg in the bank, it can be stolen by the bank (bail-ins), the government (taxes and inflation) or, if invested in stocks, by a broker. In contrast, a million dollar mobile home park has many deductions that greatly reduce or eliminate taxes. And because it’s land, buildings, and infrastructure, it can’t just be stolen.
You can achieve the same early retirement with a 30-unit apartment complex, but it requires far more capital. You can do the same with 30 single-family homes, but that requires 30 separate deals, which can take years. Mobile home parks provide the most return on investment and provide many opportunities to buy just one property with enough monthly income to “retire” within months, not decades.
There are many articles right on this website that teach you how to buy multi-unit mobile home parks with little or no money down. The pleasure of self-education is far superior to the pain of working a job for 40 years and then discovering you still can’t retire.

The TV “Experts” Have It Wrong

What would you rather do? Work 40 years and scrimp and save in an IRA or 401k and hope your savings provide enough monthly income to retire at age 65? Or self-educate yourself for a few months and buy one property that allows you to retire with a secure monthly income?
The solution seems obvious. But 95% of the world still follows that failing “save up a big nest egg” advice. The remaining 5% of us have discovered the power of monthly cash flow and have achieved financial independence while we’re still young.
It’s such a great feeling to have passive monthly income and total control of our time. We want everyone else to experience this too. So we teach our kids. We teach our friends. We write articles to teach people here. But ultimately it takes ambition, self-education, and action. And that’s where it goes haywire for the masses.
So we just shake our heads, wondering why so few take the short route to retirement. It is truly possible to self-educate, purchase just one property, and retire for life. Give it a try.