November 9, 2011

New Feature Article

How to Set the Stage with Sellers to Get Your Terms

marko rubel

by Marko Rubel, Forum Host

As a foreclosure investor, you need to fully understand all the options and alternatives available to the homeowners and the consequences of each option. Then you can position yourself as their best bet to help them out.

There are certain things you can do or say that alter the outcome of negotiations with sellers. Find out the strategies Marko uses to get his price and terms. Read more…

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New Blog Articles

Why “House Flipping” TV Shows Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

j.p. vaughan

by J.P. Vaughan
Publisher, CRE Online

I’m not big on so-called “House Flipping” television shows. They’re downright dangerous. It’s like learning to perform surgery by watching Grey’s Anatomy.

While channel surfing a couple of weeks ago, I ran across a show called Flipping Vegas. Since I moved to Las Vegas recently, I decided to watch. Read more…

37 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers

by J.P. Vaughan
Publisher, CRE Online

The key to getting great real estate deals is in having a bountiful supply of “motivated sellers.”

Here is an extensive resource, so you’ll always have plenty of ways to find motivated sellers or, better yet, for motivated sellers to find you.  Read more…

How to Evaluate Real Estate Notes for Today’s Market

terry l. vaughan

by Terry L. Vaughan
Note Buyer, Real Estate Investor

The first step in buying real estate notes is to determine the value of the underlying collateral–the real estate that secures the note.

The problem is, in today’s rapidly fluctuating real estate market, no one really knows what a property is worth. Read more…