October 13, 2011

Exciting News About CRE Online…

J.P. Vaughan
Publisher, CRE Online

Welcome back! Can’t wait to show you all the great new resources we have for you. We have a completely NEW format. Everything is completely redone, updated, and brand new. And we’ve added some features I know you’ll love.

New Blog Posts

Real Estate Investing: Why “Creative” Is Sexy Again

J.P. Vaughan, Publisher, CRE Online

When times get tough, knowing how to invest in  real estate “creatively” is KEY to your success. Learn two “creative” investing strategies that work especially well when bank financing is not an  option. Read more…

Can’t Find Any Houses with Equity? Think Again

by Marko Rubel, CRE Online Expert

Recent posts on the Real Estate Investing Forum have asked about taking over the seller’s payments and not being able to find any houses with equity. Here’s the truth:

There are still houses with equity, but most investors are marketing without targeting or filtering their lists so they only get calls from over-leveraged deals. Read more…

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(4) New “Instant Download” Home Study Courses

We’ve added (4) new home study courses you can instantly purchase and download immediately.

Get Started with Foreclosures

Get Started with Foreclosures

How to make quick cash turning foreclosures: The detailed information you need to know to buy houses that are in foreclosure or pre-foreclosure – And you can get started right now with instant access.


Get Started with Subject to

Buying “subject to” is a low-risk, creative, and financially rewarding way to buy real estate. You get instant ownership without taking on any debt to your name. Get on the fast track to financial freedom.


Lease Option Success Strategies

This complete system is every single thing you could possibly need to know to buy and sell on a lease option. Learn how to generate immediate cash up front , monthly cash flow, and a large chunk of cash when your tenant/buyer exercises the option to buy.


7 Steps to Profit with Short Sales

This simple, detailed home study course is designed to accelerate your your success with short sales. You get the easy to follow, step-by-step guidance you need to negotiate, buy, and sell short sales.