October 27, 2011

New Feature Article

5 Ways to Structure Your Foreclosure Deals

marko rubel

by Marko Rubel, Forum Host

New foreclosure investors often make crucial mistakes by failing to analyze each deal all the way through the process–including the selling or “exit strategy.”

It’s important to remember that when you structure your foreclosure deals, you must have the correct exit strategy prepared for each one. You have to thoroughly evaluate every deal and understand the risks and benefits–especially in foreclosure investing. Read more…

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New Blog Articles

6 Real Estate Investment Resources for Investors

j.p. vaughan

by J.P. Vaughan
Publisher, CRE Online

If you’re like most real estate investors, you probably like to keep your finger on the pulse of the overall real estate investment market. If you’re looking for clues and insights and an “edge” on the competition, check out these six resources.

You can add them to the mix of our more “creative” real estate investing information. Read more…

5 Real Estate Investment Strategies – No Money Down

by J.P. Vaughan
Publisher, CRE Online

Successful real estate investors can make money in any economy, in any market, but today’s super-soft real estate market can make it even easier because of the abundance of motivated sellers out there.

Here are 5 real estate investment strategies you can implement right now without using any of your own money or credit. Read more…

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