April 19, 2012

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6 Easy Steps for Tapping into the Vacant House Goldmine

by Doug Smith

Many investors start out by driving through neighborhoods, writing down the address of an ugly or vacant house, and sending “we buy houses” letters and postcards to the owners. It’s called “driving for dollars,” and it has made many investors a fortune. Doug Smith should know. He’s one of them! Read more…

More Motivated Sellers: The Housing Code Violators

by Jim Ingersoll

Code violations can be a great resource for finding more houses to buy. You can track down the owners and make a low-ball offer. In most cases, they simply can’t afford to keep up the with repairs to keep it safe and operational condition.

Homeowners with code violations are very motivated sellers. Read more…

How to Find a Contractor Who Can Deliver Price, Quality, and Speed

by Jim Ingersoll

It is difficult to find a contractor who is fast, does quality work, and has competitive pricing. The good news is that in today’s economy it is possible to find them. Here is Jim Ingersoll’s “road map” to finding a good contractor. Read more…

Visitor Success Story

Doubled My Money in Two Years

Problem-solver, Tyler Bobo found a nice mobile home cheap enough that he could buy it with all cash. He turned around and sold it to a young couple on monthly payments they could afford. They paid it off in two years, and Tyler doubled his money.  Read more…

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