February 22, 2012

New Feature Article

Due Diligence: Physical & Legal Conditions

ray alcorn

by Ray Alcorn, Forum Host

Investigating an income property is a lot like a detective story… You’re never quite sure if what you’re seeing is the whole truth, or even relevant to solving the case. You wade through the facts in search of bits of information that, when considered as a whole, point to the right conclusion.

Part 3 in this series on due diligence addresses the legal standing and physical condition of the property. Read more…

New Blog Articles

Wholesaling: How to Find the Right Kind of House

marko rubel

by Marko Rubel, Forum Host

Picking up where he left off in his “Wholesaling  Real Estate” Blog series, Marko Rubel tells you how to find the right kind of house to flip, including age, neighborhood, and other great tips.

For example, when you first start looking for houses to flip, start working a 10 – 15 mile radius of your home. Read more…

Don’t Flip This House – Milk It

by Ben Yonge

You know what’s even better than earning extra income this month? Earning extra income every month…

Passive income is your KEY to Financial Freedom. So when you turn your property into a rental, you’re creating a steady stream of predictable passive income making it an even safer investment. Read more…

Why You Don’t Need Fannie Mae or HUD

by Jim Ingersoll

With the recent trends to the foreclosure inventory, now is the time to get your phone ringing with motivated sellers and negotiate your own deals across the kitchen table from the people who own the house. Are you ready to find cheap houses without relying on Fannie Mae? Read more…