January 25, 2012

New Feature Articles

The 3 Best Real Estate Investing Techniques for 2012

phil pustejovskyby Phil Pustejovsky, Real Estate Mentor

What are the three best real estate investing techniques for 2012? Mentor and trainer, Phil Pustejovsky has carefully studied recent trends and determined where he was making the
most money in the business right now.

Three investment strategies emerged as the easiest, most accessible (and the most profitable). Focus your efforts on these three techniques, and you will make 2012 your best year ever! Read more…

CRE Online Real Estate Success Summit

Mark Your Calendars – February 24, 25, 26, 2012

We’re holding a very special 3-day absolutely 100% educational event. This is a pure learning opportunity taught by super-qualified real estate investors. No outside speakers. NO books or courses will be sold.

We’d love to meet you there in person!

Details here: http://www.creonlinesummit.com

How to Buy Your First Commercial Property Without Cash or Credit

peter harris

by Peter Harris, Real Estate Mentor

How do you buy your first commercial property if you don’t have 35% down payment, perfect credit, and millions in net worth? You have to get creative. One way to do it is with a “master lease.”

A master lease agreement is sort of like a “lease with option to buy” but for apartments and commercial property. Find out the advantages of buying on a master lease…
Read more…

Free Training Session – On Demand

Listen to my recent interview with Phil Pustejovsky and Peter Harris, two top real estate trainers who will be teaching you at the CRE Online Real Estate Success Summit.

It’s all about: What’s Hot for 2012 in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Investing.

Listen in: http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/WZbSgcmw