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Can’t Find Any Houses with Equity? Think Again

Recent posts on the Real Estate Investing Forum have asked about taking over the seller’s payments and not being able to find any houses with equity.

Here’s the truth. There are still houses with equity, but most investors are marketing without targeting or filtering their lists so they only get calls from over-leveraged deals.

Here are the recent statistics by the U.S. Census Bureau, and also by a recent article in the The Wall Street Journal

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Real Estate Investing: Why Creative is Sexy Again

In today’s shaky economy and crazy real estate market, you can set yourself free financially by investing in real estate with low-risk creative real estate strategies.

“Creative” real estate investing techniques have been around for a long, long time. When it’s easy to get cheap bank financing, they may not be as popular or necessary. But when times get tough, knowing how to invest in real estate without needing a bank is the key to your investing success…

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