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Fire Your Bank and Set Yourself Free

Great news. Real estate is on sale throughout the country. Inventory of distressed housing is way up, and we are experiencing the great real estate wealth transfer of our generation.

What is holding you back?

For most investors today, the answer is the lack of bank financing. That’s why I believe 2012 is the year that you should fire your bank and set yourself free.

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4 Big Mistakes Real Estate Investors Should Avoid

Real estate investing mistakes can be costly on so many levels. They can wipe out your potential profit and, if you make them big enough, they can wipe you out financially and emotionally.

We all make mistakes. The trick is to keep your mistakes small and to learn from them. It’s even better if you can learn from the mistakes of others.

Here are the top four lethal mistakes that can cut your real estate investing career very short. Avoid these pitfalls…

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What’s the Best Day to Sell a Property?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What is the best day to sell a property?”

The fact is, more than 90% of residential real estate is sold through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Sometimes it seems that creative real estate investors shun mainstream channels of marketing such as the MLS, but that can be a very big mistake.

The vast majority of retail buyers (people that want to buy to live in the property) are located by listing the property on the MLS…

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A Hidden Opportunity in Real Estate Investing

When it comes to real estate investing, a lot of investors put on the blinders. They scour the landscape for opportunities to purchase residential or commercial property at a steep discount, with the idea that they can revamp the property and make a large return on their investment.

While this is a good strategy, it is difficult for many real estate investors to find investment opportunities that will give them the kind of returns they would like to achieve…

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How to Evaluate Real Estate Notes for Today’s Market

The first step in buying real estate notes, in any market, is to determine the value of the underlying collateral, which is the real estate that secures the note.

Here’s the problem. In today’s rapidly fluctuating real estate market, no one really knows what a property is worth.

And that’s exactly why the lending institutions are so difficult to deal with in this market…

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37 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers

The key to getting great real estate deals is in having a bountiful supply of “motivated sellers.”

I’ve put together this extensive resource for you so you’ll always have plenty of ways to find motivated sellers or, better yet, for motivated sellers to find you.

What You Should Know About Out-of-State Owners

Buying properties from out-of-state owners is…

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Why House Flipping TV Shows Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

I’m not big on watching the so-called “House Flipping” television shows. Why? Because they’re goofy. And downright dangerous. It’s like learning to perform surgery by watching Grey’s Anatomy. Not good.

While channel surfing a couple of weeks ago, I ran across a show called Flipping Vegas. It’s about house flipping and, since I moved to Las Vegas recently, I decided to watch it.

It starts with the star (let’s just call him “Mr. Investor”)…

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5 Real Estate Investment Strategies with No Money Down

Successful real estate investors can make money in any economy, in any market, but today’s super-soft real estate market can make it even easier because of the abundance of motivated sellers out there.

Here are 5 real estate investment strategies you can implement right now without using any of your own money or credit.

1. Quick Flipping – Wholesaling

This is the classic buy low/sell low strategy and…

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6 Real Estate Investment Resources for Investors

If you’re like most real estate investors, you probably like to keep your finger on the pulse of the overall real estate investment market. If you’re looking for clues and insights and an “edge” on the competition, check out these six resources. You can add them to the mix of our more “creative” real estate investing information.

I check each of these resources once or twice a week to see what’s happening in the broad real estate investment…

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Can’t Find Any Houses with Equity? Think Again

Recent posts on the Real Estate Investing Forum have asked about taking over the seller’s payments and not being able to find any houses with equity.

Here’s the truth. There are still houses with equity, but most investors are marketing without targeting or filtering their lists so they only get calls from over-leveraged deals.

Here are the recent statistics by the U.S. Census Bureau, and also by a recent article in the The Wall Street Journal

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