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Complete Landlord Training from A to Z
From Move In to Move Up


The Audio Course

The Landlord’s Survival Guide Audio CDs are one full day’s worth of training and includes the same proven and innovative management ideas you’d get at a live seminar.
“Mr. Landlord,” Jeffrey Taylor gives you the absolute best money-making management ideas he’s been teaching to landlords nationwide (and using himself) for nearly 25 years. You will learn, step by step, what it takes to build cash flow and get tenants to work with you and not against you.
Jeffrey shows you how to make the landlord/tenant relationship a “win-win” relationship from “move in” to “move up.” Today’s renters want things “their way” and this audio course shows you how to give residents what they want while giving you what you want–long-term, maximum profits.
This step-by-step course removes the guesswork and shows you how to maximize your cash flow with rentals. Learn what every landlord wants to know–How to:

    • Fill vacancies quickly with the ideal tenants, even in a slow or tough rental market
    • Identify and avoid “problem” tenants and situations
    • Eliminate the all-time biggest rental headaches
    • Collect on-time payments and any money due to you!
    • Keep tenants beyond the standard one-year lease period
  • Double your monthly cash flow and maximize your profits!

BONUS #1: The Companion Manual

($18.95 value) I’m excited to announce Jeffrey Taylor’s newest book, The Landlord’s Survival Guide Manual. This 211-page book (25 years in the making) is for real estate investors like you who want full-time profits from their rental properties while working part-time hours.
Topics include:

    • Developing the Right Mindset
    • Identifying Your Landlording Success Team
    • What You MUST Know to Survive (landlord/tenant laws, eviction rules, discrimination, etc.)
    • Filling Vacancies with Ideal Tenants (…and keeping them)
    • Screening out Problem Residents
    • Getting Your Money
  • And More…

BONUS #2: Mr. Landlord Newsletter 12-Month Subscription

($89 value) Each month and in every issue, you’ll receive a wealth of ideas and keys to unlock secrets to more cash flow, such as:

  • Increase Monthly Income by at Least $100 on Each Rental with a proven cash flow building strategy highlighted each month.
  • Fill Vacancies Fast with featured articles that provide numerous creative and effective ways to find and attract ideal residents.
  • Landlord Court Cases Reviewed, so you can avoid costly mistakes made by your peers. Take precautions that can save you thousands.
  • Keep Residents Happy and Longer with retention strategies that encourage residents to stay a minimum of three to six years.
  • Secrets to Getting Rents Paid on Time and what to do when residents don’t pay or skip out.
  • Tested Rental Clauses used by landlords nationwide to stay in control and get residents to cooperate.
  • Ongoing Money-Saving Maintenance Tips. Preventative procedures, techniques, and checklists to cut your expenses in half.
  • Eliminate Rental Problems and Remove Problem Residents Quickly without hassle or costly time consuming evictions.
  • Professional Rental Forms, Notices, and Letters. Each month you receive a different, ready-to-use, professionally typeset rental form or resident letter.
  • And MUCH more!

This complete home study package gives you the action steps you need to implement Mr. Landlord’s (now legendary) management strategies. The Landlord’s Survival GuidePackage is a must-have for anyone who wants bigger profits and greater cash flow from their rental properties without the typical rental headaches.

A Bargain Price for CRE Online visitors…

The regular retail price for the full-day audio training and 25 years of experience is $299. But Jeffrey Taylor knows that CRE Online visitors like a good bargain.
For a limited time, you can order this complete Landlord’s Survival Guide package–with the bonus companion manual and a 1-year monthly subscription to the Mr. Landlord Newsletter delivered to your door for only $199. (Special $100 discount for CRE Online visitors.)
I wouldn’t wait too long. If you have even one tenant,
this is a no-brainer–Get yours today!


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