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Attention Landlords: Learn How to
Double Your Monthly Cash Flow

Jeffrey Taylor, known as “Mr. Landlord” to many thousands throughout the country, is considered THE innovator and authority when it comes to landlording. His “Mr. Landlord Newsletter” is the largest Real Estate Newsletter in the country–with over 10,000 monthly subscribers.
When we saw the GIGANTIC package of incredibly useful information Jeffrey Taylor put together for CRE Online customers, we couldn’t believe it. (In fact, I called him just to make sure there wasn’t some sort of mistake!) No mistake…Simply a TON of value for a very low price.

Mr. Landlord Newsletter

It all starts with a TWO-YEAR subscription the the Mr. Landlord Newsletter. Each month and in every issue, you’ll receive a wealth of ideas and keys to unlock secrets to more cash flow:

  • Increase Monthly Income by at Least $100 on Each Rental with a proven cash flow building strategy highlighted each month.
  • Fill Vacancies Fast with featured articles that provide numerous creative and effective ways to find and attract ideal residents.
  • Landlord Court Cases Reviewed, so you can avoid costly mistakes made by your peers. Take precautions that can save you thousands.
  • Keep Residents Happy and Longer with retention strategies that encourage residents to stay a minimum of three to six years.
  • Secrets to Getting Rents Paid on Time and what to do when residents don’t pay or skip out.
  • Tested Rental Clauses used by landlords nationwide to stay in control and get residents to cooperate.
  • Ongoing Money-Saving Maintenance Tips. Preventative procedures, techniques, and checklists to cut your expenses in half.
  • Eliminate Rental Problems and Remove Problem Residents Quickly without hassle or costly time consuming evictions.
  • Professional Rental Forms, Notices, and Letters. Each month you receive a different, ready-to-use, professionally typeset rental form or resident letter.
  • And MUCH more!

All-Day Cash Flow Seminar

Next, you will receive a complete set of four (4) audio CDs of Jeffrey Taylor’s all-day “Build Your Cash Flow” Seminar. In it, Jeffrey shares over 110 ways to add thousands of dollarsto your cash flow.

Survival Handbook Of 100 Rental Forms

Every form or letter you could possibly need to professionally, quickly, and successfullyrun your rental business to get maximum cash flow. A MUST for anyone who owns at least one rental property and an absolute necessity for those who own and manage more.
Over 100 forms, tenant notices, and letters ready to be referenced, reproduced, and used to provide no-nonsense, effective communication with tenants. These cover everything from the application process, leasing, deposits, collection, maintenance, and turnover.
This is the ONLY collection of its kind available anywhere! Save time and money with a landlord-tested letter for every situation.

Collection of 24 Past Newsletters

Virtually HUNDREDS of ideas from past Newsletters, including:

  • How to Work with Tenants Behind in Rent so You Get Your Money!
  • How to Keep Residents and Increase Rents Even If Others Are Losing Theirs
  • How to Always Find New Tenants and Former Tenants Who Skipped
  • How to Turn Rental Debts into Profits
  • How to Inherit Assets from Your Residents
  • How to Make Money Buying Rental Cash Flow from Other Landlords
  • How to Determine if Prospects can Really Afford the Rent
  • How to Increase Property Cash Flow by $7,000 per Month
  • How to Fill Vacancies with the Internet
  • And much, MUCH More!

(7) Special Bonus Reports

In addition to everything listed above, Jeffrey Taylor is also including these Seven (7) Bonus Reports:
1. Landlord’s Payday: How to Get All of Your Rent (Even After They’ve Moved). 50 surefire collection strategies, including unique methods which help guarantee residents will always pay you on time. Includes tactics for recovering large sums owed from past residents.
2. How to Keep Residents Longer & Happy. 27 strategies to stretch your cash flow a minimum of three to five years. Inexpensive tips to keep residents happy even while raising rents each and every year.
3. How to Put More Money in Your Pocket. 150 ways to keep, increase and recover monthly income, plus cash flow checklists to increase property value. This report can addthousands to your bottom line. Discover cash flow thieves, trade secrets and how to cut expenses. Turn negative cash flow properties into money machines.
4. Filling Vacancies Fast Checklist. 150 inexpensive easy-to-use ways to fill vacancies in less than 72 hours. Creative and innovative, practical and proven ideas shared by managers and landlords. If you want a vacancy filled, you need this report now!
5. Expanded Rental Lease Report. 150 of the best lease clauses compiled from rental agreements used by landlords nationwide. Clauses protecting you from the tenant’s move in to move out. Protect yourself and your investments every step of the way. Read this before you give out another lease!
6. 84 Red Flags. Read this report before you meet and even consider accepting another prospective tenant. This report will alert you to 84 warning signs when screening applicants. Most landlords don’t realize they are about to accept a “problem” tenant before it’s too late. You will now know exactly what to look for, and this report will save you tons of future headaches and thousands of dollars. If you detect any one of the warning signs, proceed with extreme caution!
7. How To Handle Problem Tenants. This report shows how to effectively handle 30 of the most common rental management problems. It also exposes tenant “tricks” you need to watch out for. This 35-page report provides solutions and will save you lots of frustration and money.
Jeffrey Taylor has been helping landlords nationwide for 24+ years. There is no other package in the country that offers you the features, services, and bonuses Mr. Landlord is offering here.
Just one idea from this incredible package can save you thousands and double your monthly cash flow. Get your copy of Money-Making Management TODAY for the unbelievably low CRE Online Member Price of $299 COMPLETE.


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