This was originally posted on our Main Real Estate Forum by Jim Kennedy:

  1. Place a newspaper ad (major daily)

  2. Place an ad in Pennysaver, Thrifty Nickel, Greensheet, etc.

  3. Bandit signs

  4. Drive neighborhoods looking for vacant houses and FSBOs

  5. Call FSBO ads

  6. Search MLS for junker properties

  7. Search MLS for expired listings

  8. Contact landlords who are evicting a tenant

  9. Contact landlords with properties for rent

  10. Pre-foreclosures

  11. Foreclosure auctions

  12. REO’s

  13. HUD & VA houses

  14. Tax sales

  15. Estate sales

  16. Properties with outstanding building code violations

  17. Properties with outstanding health code violations

  18. Condemned properties

  19. Fire damaged properties

  20. Out-of-town owners

  21. Network with professionals, i.e. attorney, CPA, REALTOR?.

  22. Network with service people, i.e. letter carrier, pool service person, lawn service person, newspaper delivery person, carpet cleaning people, plumbers, etc.

  23. Bird dogs

  24. Wholesalers

  25. Magnetic car sign

  26. Distribute business cards EVERYWHERE

  27. Career attire (Polo shirt with embroidered “I Buy Houses” logo)

  28. Fliers

  29. Door hangers

In my area (Houston), some of the big players also do #30. billboards, #31. radio spots, #32 TV spots, and #33. full-page ads in the yellow pages. Hope this helps. Best of success!