Profit with Creative Real Estate Solutions

We founded Creative Real Estate Online because we wanted to educate people about the variety of different ways to do real estate deals. Consistent with our CRE Online philosophy, there is no ONE correct way to invest in real estate.

Become a “problem solver”

Real estate investing is a “people” business, and successful real estate investors are “problem solvers.” Problems become opportunities. So you can get results and win the real estate investing game by helping other people solve their problems.

If you need to get started with little or no money down, no problem. You can make quick cash flipping houses, or by using lease options, or by buying “subject to” the existing mortgage.

If you’re a more experienced investor, you can make big profits with rehabs and even bigger profits with commercial real estate.

Brainstorm solutions with our community

You’ll find some of the greatest, most creative real estate minds in the country in our discussion forumsCRE Online Experts host these forums and freely share information and answer questions, and many other experienced CRE members will brainstorm with you as well.

Be sure to join our community and tap into this invaluable resource.

About the Author:

J.P. Vaughan

j.p. vaughanJ. P. Vaughan was the co-founder and Publisher of Creative Real Estate Online. She wrote the book How to Buy Your Dream House for 1/2 Price (Quantum Publications 1994, out of print). J.P. was also an attorney who practiced law in Michigan until she started investing in real estate full time in 1988.

J.P. passed away in October 2015 after a long battle with ovarian cancer.