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8 Ways to Buy Older Mobile Homes for Cheap

A “Lonnie Deal” (named after Lonnie Scruggs) is when you buy an older mobile home for a couple thousand dollars, then resell with seller financing for 2,3,4 times more. Often you get all your money back within a few months. After that, it’s pure cash flow.

There is much less competition for mobile home deals. Get 10 or 20 Lonnie Deals going, and you can kiss your day job goodbye….

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Why Mobile Home Parks Can Be a Great Investment

Mobile home parks are some of the best investment options today. Consistent monthly income and lower maintenance costs, as compared with other investment properties, make them an ideal investment.

Few real estate investments today generate more net cash flow than mobile home parks.

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Mobile Home Investing Trumps Single-Family Houses

In today’s economy, people will be trading down in housing far more than trading up. Mobile homes are the most affordable “single family homes” available, and they generate far more income at a fraction of the cost….

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