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Why Apartment Buildings Are Such Popular Investments Today

In recent years, apartment buildings have become a popular investment option for investors interested in finding good yields for their money.

Do you want to work for your money, or do you want your money to work for you? Apartment buildings are some of the best ways to generate exceptional monthly cash flow for investors today.

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How to Build a Portfolio of Rentals Without a Bank

Building a portfolio of rentals is the single biggest wealth-creating opportunity of our lifetime. Real estate investors who rely on bank financing are struggling and failing because the large down payments required and underwriting criteria make it very difficult to buy investment real estate.

Those of us who have figured out a way to eliminate banks from our investing equation are succeeding massively…

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Mobile Home Investing Trumps Single-Family Houses

In today’s economy, people will be trading down in housing far more than trading up. Mobile homes are the most affordable “single family homes” available, and they generate far more income at a fraction of the cost….

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5 Factors You Must Consider When Investing in Apartment Buildings

When I am considering investing in an apartment building, the ultimate question in my mind is: Is this a good deal? I know that sounds obvious, but I am amazed at how many investors don’t know how to recognize a good deal.

Learning to recognize a good deal takes research, education, and experience….

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International Investors Jump into the U.S Market. Why Not You?

When you hear the phrase “the current state of the U.S. economy” in a conversation, someone’s usually talking about job loss, high health insurance costs, or one of the many other economic stressors plaguing American families in 2012. Bring up this phrase in a discussion with international investors however, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by smiling faces.

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How to Evaluate Real Estate Notes for Today’s Market

The first step in buying real estate notes, in any market, is to determine the value of the underlying collateral, which is the real estate that secures the note.

Here’s the problem. In today’s rapidly fluctuating real estate market, no one really knows what a property is worth.

And that’s exactly why the lending institutions are so difficult to deal with in this market…

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