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[VIDEO] Land Trust Basics for Real Estate Investors

In this short video, attorney and real estate investor, William Bronchick, explains the basics of using a land trust for your real estate investments.

He’ll explore…

  • What Is a Land Trust?
  • What Do We Use a Land Trust For?
  • What Do We Not Use a Land Trust For?

For more detailed information on everything you need to create and use land trusts for privacy and protection:

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About the Author...

William Bronchick, J.D. is a nationally-known attorney, author, and speaker. He has been practicing law and investing in real estate since 1990 and has been involved in over 2,000 real estate transactions.

Bill has served as President of the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors since 1996. He is the author of many excellent real estate investing courses.

You can visit Bill Bronchick at his web site:


  1. Habibah says:

    I lie the way he explains very clear . I think any one can understand what is land trust
    Iam really appreciate it

    • Habibah says:

      I like the way he explains very clear . I think any one can understand
      I Am really appreciate it

  2. Beverly says:

    Hi William ,I will like to talk to you about putting my house in trust it’s very important to do this soon please email me .Thank You.

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