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[VIDEO] How to Estimate Home Rehab Costs Like a Pro

Real estate investor and mentor, Phil Pustejovsky, shows you room-by-room a professional, expert way to estimate home rehab costs and how much work needs to be done whether you plan to rent, wholesale, or fix and flip the house.

You can watch Phil’s follow-up video here: Home Renovation Tips for Real Estate Investors

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Phil Pustejovsky is a real estate investor, mentor and coach that has been a part of over 1,000 real estate investing deals over the past decade. He has also trained investors from all over the US and Canada to new levels of financial freedom through his innovative and real world investing techniques and strategies.

His new book “How to be a Real Estate Investor” recently became a #1 best seller on Amazon. You can also learn more about Phil at:


  1. Kayo Nagasaki says:

    This video is great. It’s better than a rehab class I paid tons of $ for. I learned a lot. THANKS !!!

  2. Eric Murphy says:

    great…definitely gave me something to think about as i learn this business. Thanks!


  3. tom Yung says:

    very informative 30 minute video.
    Thank you, I am in the process of doing my own fix & flip in the future.
    This video sure give me some insights.

  4. Mary Stead says:

    Excellent information and presentation. I can not get over how someone would live in this mess. Anyway, I enjoyed the video which I understand the material better. What is the best way to find a contractor? Thank you

  5. Luz Carreon says:

    Very good tips and very informative video, also very useful for all investors. Thanks

  6. Margaret says:

    I am familiar with rehab, I have personal done acting like a general contractor and coordinate everything the way I want. Also like to choose the material myself not the contractor, starting with going to home depot and investigate price and then go other stores if you need better material, but a list you have an idea where to start with price and what available in the market.

    I was curious to see how the presentation would go, and I think he did a very good job pin pointing everything it need to be done and explaining, why you would make one choice or an other based on if you would rent or sell. I usually choose good material if the difference is not to much, even to rent when people come to my apartment I want them to feel they want what they see, I also charge a little bit more and they pay
    for it. But you have more choices of potential tenants at the end is worth.
    Again the presentation was great , I never had seen this type of presentation on the web.

  7. This was very informative. Thank you.

  8. Wow!!! This is a great video, and because I am a newbie I just learn a hold lot .thank You so much God Bless you,I also notice that you are a mentor I am going to your site right now ad take from there. Thank You again Lorna

  9. Steele Gibson says:

    Interesting video. However, I found it to be more of a home inspection video then I did a video on estimating the cost of a complete, or partial rehab project. Just saying.

  10. The tour was very interesting and the tips seem practical. I believe that he should have made an attempt to look under the crawlspace for water or termite damage. The tips were great.

  11. Mary Raley says:

    I have been dealing with rental property for 17 years. However, we alway buy and hold. I really thought you did a great job and I am going to pass this on to a newly out of college student that is going to be doing my old job. I quit to own my own business. I believe you will help him understand things perfectly. Once again Great Job.

  12. I like the presentation alot. Very informative and easy to watch. I would have liked to hear about some systems like furnace, water heater and electrical to evaluate if they were still useable or needed to be replaced. Nice Job Phil

  13. I am thinking about purchasing a rehab home for future investment. This video had great tips and techniques that I would never have thought of otherwise. Knowing more structural things to make note of would be nice too such as warped floors, sagging roof, uneven walls etc. Or how to have idea of a structural wall vs a wall that could be torn down. Thanks for posting your video. I’ll put your tips to work during the walk through.

  14. I would have liked a quick walk through at the end of the video showing the estimated repair cost of each item and then maybe a comparison to the cost of the actual repairs. Otherwise, this was a very informative inspection of the house.

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