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[VIDEO] Your First Phone Call with a Motivated Seller


What do you want to accomplish over the phone? The goal of the first phone call is not to negotiate a deal. A lot of people try to do that on the first call, and it’s a big mistake.

In this short video, real estate investor and attorney, William Bronchick, explains the two things you need to get from the first phone call and why.

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About the Author...

William Bronchick, J.D. is a nationally-known attorney, author, and speaker. He has been practicing law and investing in real estate since 1990 and has been involved in over 2,000 real estate transactions.

Bill has served as President of the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors since 1996. He is the author of many excellent real estate investing courses.

You can visit Bill Bronchick at his web site:


  1. Inaam Salik says:

    I’m looking for help, I’m just getting started in wholesale and looking for listings of houses.

  2. Inaam Salik says:

    This was a great advise

  3. Sindy Dufrene says:

    This was great…I hate when I see people do that. Without having rapport with the client.

  4. Lamar Loudermilk says:

    Great advice, I will be thinking more about being a Problem Solver from now on. Thanks.

  5. Great advice.. thank you

  6. Jonathan Mckinney says:

    I’m just getting into wholesaling I will be setting up email and everything that I need for marketing
    When you get a house on contract and find a buyer and buyer go through with everything and the seller gets the money what do the SELA do with the money do they pay what they owed to the Linda Thats their money in their pocket how do that work

    • Molly MacKillican says:

      Great information I like that not as pushy as most scripts and investors. It seems like a more genuine concerning approach to helping sole their problem.

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