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[VIDEO] There ARE Real Estate Deals in Your Market Right Now

In this short clip, attorney Bill Bronchick dispels the myth that there are “no deals” in your market and shows you seven creative approaches for finding deals right now.

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How to Find Great Deals: Looking For Buried Treasure

I’ve often thought of real estate investing as looking for buried treasure except that in this case, it’s treasure that everyone can see, if they only had the eyes for it.

So how do you develop a house-buying eagle eye? The first thing you will need to do is to identify your “sweet spot”….

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The First to Fund Wins the Race

In real estate investing, time is money. Sellers are more likely to sell to the buyer who can fund and close the fastest and easiest.

Investors who can fund the quickest are the most likely to get their purchase offers accepted by motivated sellers.

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[VIDEO] 7 Ways to Make $7k in the Next 30 Days

The most common question I get is: “How do I make cash right now in real estate? I have no money to put down and my credit is horrible!”

Not impossible, but it will take hard work, dedication, and learning a few tricks I have up my sleeve….

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The Real Estate Cycle: How to Buy Low, Sell High, and Build Wealth

By understanding the real estate cycle, you can very intentionally “buy low and sell high.”

And you can grow your equity at what Warren Buffett calls “business rates of return” with minimal risk. Let compounding build your wealth.

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The Alternative to Transactional Funding for Real Estate

Transactional funding can be expensive and difficult to time properly. The alternative to transactional funding is called the “Reverse Assignment.”

It’s all laid out in this video. Hold onto your seat because it will blow your hair back….

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Top 3 Creative Seller Financing Options

How do you structure a deal if you can’t find outside financing?

I’ve used a number of creative financing options as either a buyer, seller, or as a deal facilitator for others.

Here are some of my favorites….

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Successful Real Estate Investors Say: Cash Is NOT King

Real estate investing is a numbers game, and you need to reach a lot of people to find that one special deal.

Using as little of your own cash as possible will grant you the flexibility to always be ready for the diamond property….

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5 Ways to Create Privacy and Protect Your Assets

Asset protection and privacy are created in layers. I like to think of it as peeling back an onion. Each layer is additional protection for your investments.

The more assets you accumulate, the more layers of protection you’ll want to employ to protect both your privacy and your assets.

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Make Big Money Buying Small Self Storage Facilities

Many savvy investors are turning self-storage “Cinderella” facilities into the belle of the ball. Some investors and small companies have made a small fortune focusing only on investing in Class C Facilities and improving them to solid Class B contenders.

It’s not as tough as you may think. Here’s how…

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