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Investment Clubs: How to Gain the Exclusive Access of the Top 1%

There are two distinct classes of investors as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC): Non-accredited and accredited.

Accredited investors, roughly speaking, have a net worth of at least $1 million and/or make a minimum of $250,000 per year.

Non-accredited investors are everyone else. But did you know… there’s a little-known solution that affords non-accredited investors the opportunity to participate in the exclusive securities offerings of hedge funds and invest like the top 1%?

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The MLS is Dead… Top 7 Ways to Find Real Estate Deals

Real estate investor and attorney, William Bronchick, says the most common question he gets is: How do I find motivated sellers in today’s market?

The MLS is dead, auctions are thin, and many people are throwing in the towel. But not you, once you read this…

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9 Affordable Strategies to Find, Buy, and Sell Real Estate

Buying and selling real estate can take a great deal of time and money. And since time is possibly the most valuable commodity of them all, expert, Rick Tobin, has compiled a list of some affordable strategies to find (and sell) properties.

Here are 9 affordable strategies to find highly motivated sellers and great real estate deals…

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How to Create Your Personal Investing Plan This Year!

What if you could quickly create your own personal investing plan, so that you have a crystal clear focus on what you need to do right NOW rather than getting caught up in the endless supply of “guru” strategies.

Jim Ingersoll, is going to help you create your own personal plan today by focusing in on some simple key questions. Your responses will become your pathway to your personal investing plan.

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From Bird Dog to Billionaire: A Creative Guide to Real Estate Investing

If you’re an aspiring real estate investor, you may feel like you lack the capital, connections, and overall “know-how” to get started.

Here’s some good news: You don’t need a pile of cash, and you don’t necessarily have to “buy” homes to invest in real estate.

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The Benefits of Investing in the Middle of (or Near) Nowhere

Some of the obvious benefits to investing in a smaller town are lower home prices, lower costs, lower vacancies, less competition, and less legal stuff to worry about. Great!

But doesn’t that mean lower returns? Not necessarily, that’s the beauty.

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How to Retire *This Year* Using Real Estate

If you dream of immediate retirement, this is your year. The good life stands ready and waiting for you to claim it.

If you’re motivated, there’s no reason you can’t self-educate and retire within the next 12 months, no matter how much money you have right now.

You’re going to use real estate to do it…

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Why You Need Title Insurance on Every Investment Property

Whenever you purchase, finance, refinance, or sell real estate, title insurance is required.

The difference between a good, clean title insurance policy and an imperfect title policy may be the difference between a profitable deal and a disaster….

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Lease Option vs Subject To – Which Is the Best Way to Buy?

The seller needed to sell fast, and I felt that owner financing was the best way to go. So, should I lease option this property or take it subject to the existing mortgage?

In this example, buying the house “subject to” was necessary to protect my initial investment. In other instances, a lease with option would work better. It all depends….

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Consider Investing in Older Houses Near Newer Homes

One of the best ways to profit from investing in real estate is to buy an older home surrounded by larger and newer homes. It’s called “The Principle of Progression.”

It’s an excellent opportunity for investors. Here’s why…

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