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Top 10 Real Estate Web and Mobile Resources

Technology changes fast, and that’s a great thing for everyone involved with real estate.

Here are some of the best web resources and mobile apps that make it so much easier for real estate investors to connect with motivated sellers, operate more efficiently, and do more deals.

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How Social Media And Technology Have Changed Real Estate Investing

The average person today has just a 7-second attention span. The average goldfish has a slightly more impressive 8-second attention span. People prefer quick videos, short blogs, and snappy photos.

In the race towards prosperity, time is of the utmost importance in today’s lightning quick world.

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3 Ways to Partner with Your IRA for Real Estate Investing

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already aware of the significant tax advantages available when investing in real estate through a self-directed IRA, also known as the Real Estate IRA.

What you may not know is that your self-directed IRA can also partner with other funding sources to increase your investment power and produce higher returns….

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4 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Real Estate IRA

Investing through a self-directed IRA offers many tax advantages to real estate investors. With these advantages, comes a set of rules and regulations that must be followed in order for the IRA to remain compliant and maintain its tax-advantaged status.

If these rules are broken, the account owner could face significant taxes and penalties….

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3 Ways to Boost Your Real Estate Investing Business with Social Media

Are you looking for a new tenant or trying to sell a house? Interested in finding more private lenders? Do you need a referral to a good contractor?

A great way to do all of this is with the power of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The key is to be able to maximize your message to your connections….

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A Super-Powerful Asset Protection Strategy – Debt!

Asset protection is more important now than ever before because there are 82,000 lawsuits filed DAILY with real estate being a BIG target. There are numerous vehicles to protect you – LLC’s, trusts, insurance – including combinations of these.

There is a also very powerful (but overlooked) asset protection technique called “Equity Stripping” ….

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Real Estate Investing News This Week 2013-06-22

All the Real Estate News That’s Fit to RE-Print™

National credit default rates remain at a post-recession low, the risk of mortgage default is at its lowest in nearly 10 years, and housing starts have increased over 28% in the last year.

Builder confidence is up in positive territory for the first time in 7 years, and 850,000 more houses have positive equity.

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Top 20 Web Resources for Real Estate Investors

Have you heard the great news about Google? It has the answers to almost everything these days. Put the words “real estate invest” into Google and you receive 128 million results!

How can we focus on the best of the best for real estate investors on the Internet? Here’s my list of “must have” resources for real estate investors.

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What’s Better for Creative Real Estate Investors — an IRA or 401k?

As many creative real estate investors know, mutual funds aren’t the only investing options for your nest egg. You can buy real estate, tax liens, notes, and even become your own private money lender.

Most people set up a Self-Directed IRA, but you’re about to discover what most real estate investors will never know about investing in real estate in a retirement account. Introducing, the Solo 401K….

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How to Overcome Real Estate Investing Roadblocks

All of the real estate market news is positive: reduced inventories, faster sales, strong rental demand, and increasing prices in many metro areas. The time to invest in real estate is NOW.

Here’s how you can overcome the roadblocks to your success.

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