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From Bird Dog to Billionaire: A Creative Guide to Real Estate Investing

If you’re an aspiring real estate investor, you may feel like you lack the capital, connections, and overall “know-how” to get started.

Here’s some good news: You don’t need a pile of cash, and you don’t necessarily have to “buy” homes to invest in real estate.

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[VIDEO] Investing With No Money Down – “Subject To”

Buying “subject to” is a low-risk, creative, and financially rewarding way to buy real estate without using any of your own money or credit. You get instant ownership without taking on any debt to your name.

Learn how to buy nice houses “subject to” the existing financing….

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Which Payday Do You Want: Cash Now or Long-Term Cash Flow?

Which would you prefer – cash for today or wealth for tomorrow? How about BOTH?

Many people start off wholesaling and flipping houses and never make the transition from transactional income streams into long-term wealth building and residual income streams. Don’t lose sight of the long-term game plan….

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How to Buy Real Estate with No Money Down and No Banks

In this video, long-time real estate investor and attorney, Bill Bronchick, shows you how to invest in real estate without using your own money.

Strategies include: Master lease with option, contract for deed, wrap-around mortgage, and subject to.

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Real Estate Investing: How to Get Started

You recognize that today’s real estate investing opportunities are the best that we have experienced in many years. But real estate appears to be so complicated and so risky that you never do your first deal.

How can you avoid the mistakes and risks associated with being a new real estate investor?

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A 5-Step Plan for $100,000 in Private Money for Real Estate

Private money is simply using debt and equity partners to form investment partnerships. It’s my #1 funding strategy. In fact, since 2004 I’ve raised $26.2 million in private money for real estate investments from individual investment partners.

I’ve leveraged that money (other people’s money) to $400,000 in broker and syndication fees, ownership interest in 740 units, 5-figure monthly cash flow, and 7-figure net worth. It works.

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3 Ways to Buy Houses with No Money Down

This market is the perfect storm for real estate investors. Don’t let the balance in your checkbook hold you back from investing.

The good news is you can still invest in real estate with no money down. Structure deals directly with sellers, use private lenders, and be ready to capitalize now…

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How to Build a Portfolio of Rentals Without a Bank

Building a portfolio of rentals is the single biggest wealth-creating opportunity of our lifetime. Real estate investors who rely on bank financing are struggling and failing because the large down payments required and underwriting criteria make it very difficult to buy investment real estate.

Those of us who have figured out a way to eliminate banks from our investing equation are succeeding massively…

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Wholesaling Real Estate: The New Virtual Trend

Wholesaling is a great way to get started into real estate because it does not require good credit and takes very little money to get started. Wholesaling has allowed me to escape my “Corporate America” job.

I wholesaled in very high volume for a few years, which created a nice income stream to replace the salary from my job.

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Private Lenders = Cash Flow Now + Infinite Returns

When a real estate investor works directly private lenders, you get the winning combination for cash flow. Both parties are critical to the overall success of the investment–and both parties benefit.

The private lender gets a strong return on his money with none of the work. The investor enjoys an infinite return because he used none of his own money in the deal.

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