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13 Warren Buffett Quotes for Real Estate Investors

If you follow the news, you’ve likely become concerned about the state of the housing market. It’s no wonder. Just open up the real estate section of any paper, and you’ll see nothing but negative headlines.

For guidance in troubled times, who better person to turn to than Warren Buffett? Here are 13 of his most famous quotes translated it into practical advice for real estate investors like you…

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A Super Motivated Seller: The Burned Out Landlord

Are you ready to go out and find some houses to buy? Finding burned out landlords is true guerrilla marketing because it is very cheap and also effective. Learning to generate leads from motivated sellers is a journey, and marketing for burned out landlords is one way to connect with truly motivated sellers…

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Are You Ready to Be a Bandit Investor and Steal Some Deals?

I have wholesaled hundreds of houses, and the primary question I always get relates to how do you find all those houses to buy direct from the owners.

The truth is that there is not a single silver bullet that generates all the leads. It takes intentional and persistent marketing efforts to consistently have your phone ringing with motivated sellers. The good news is that there are a lot of guerrilla methods that collectively work very well at a minimal cost….

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Why You Don’t Need Fannie Mae or HUD

With the recent trends to the foreclosure inventory, are you prepared to find your own dirt-cheap houses?

Now is the time to learn to get your phone ringing with motivated sellers and to learn to negotiate your own deals directly across the kitchen table from the people that own the house. Now is the time to prepare yourself for action so you will not need to rely on Fannie Mae or HUD!

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37 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers

The key to getting great real estate deals is in having a bountiful supply of “motivated sellers.”

I’ve put together this extensive resource for you so you’ll always have plenty of ways to find motivated sellers or, better yet, for motivated sellers to find you.

What You Should Know About Out-of-State Owners

Buying properties from out-of-state owners is…

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