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Top 10 Reasons Real Estate Investors Fail to Take Action

Real estate investing is like learning how to hit a baseball. At first you are scared and you can’t hit anything. But the more practice swings you take, the more likely you are to hit one out of the park. So get out there and start swinging.

See if any of the following reasons real estate investors fail to act are holding you back, and take steps to correct it.

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12 Bizarre but True Real Estate Horror Stories

As if the real estate investing market wasn’t tough enough, check-out these 12 Bizarre but True Real Estate Horror Stories! Be it owner, seller, buyer or investor, there’s a lesson to be learned here for everyone.

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Real Estate Investors: Get Lazy and Start Making More Money

I am a full-time real estate investor and generally a lazy person. I found that when I embraced my lazy side and stopped trying to do everything myself, that my real estate investing really took off, and I started making real money.

So stop wasting time doing things that someone else could be doing for you. Here’s how to do it….

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Turn Real Estate Investing Losses Into Cash

The best of all worlds is when real estate creates a cash flow and you don’t have to pay any tax on the money. Not only that, there is a paper loss created that you can use to offset other income. And by the way, the asset that creates all these things is going up in value.

That’s why we love real estate….

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Top 3 Cities to Invest in NOW

As real estate investors, don’t we all wish we had a crystal ball to forecast the real estate market future? With that crystal ball, we could confidently invest in certain areas, strategically buying and selling in some markets, and using buy and hold strategies in other markets.

Here are some interesting facts, figures, and opinions on what cities are showing the best recovery in housing….

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Hot Real Estate Investment News This Week 2012-06-23

All the Real Estate News That’s Fit to RE-Print™

Here are the real estate investing related news items that caught our attention this past week. We hope they help you stay up-to-date with your real estate investment strategies and inspire some profitable real estate deals for you.

Also this week: Get your copy of Harvard’s “State of the Nation’s Housing 2012” and discover the “real” numbers from the Census Bureau and HUD. Read the full joint Press Release inside…

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13 Bizarre Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Would you invest in a haunted house? How about a dude ranch, drive-in theater, or even air rights? Real estate investing doesn’t have to be boring. Check out these 13 Bizarre Real Estate Investment Opportunities

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Top 10 Experts for Your Real Estate Investment Team

I didn’t understand the concept of a real estate team at first, so I had a hard time with real estate investing. I was a “lone wolf” trying to do too much myself. I have since learned that in real estate, you need a team of people you can trust and rely upon.

Here are your top 10 team members and what they need in order to be on your team.

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9 Mistakes All New Real Estate Investors Make

1. Not Knowing the Market Numbers: Knowing your market is as important as any other factor in real estate investing. This means having a neighborhood-by-neighborhood analysis of the supply curve and average days on market.

Both of these data formulas can be found through a real estate broker using the MLS….

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What’s the Best Day to Sell a Property?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What is the best day to sell a property?”

The fact is, more than 90% of residential real estate is sold through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Sometimes it seems that creative real estate investors shun mainstream channels of marketing such as the MLS, but that can be a very big mistake.

The vast majority of retail buyers (people that want to buy to live in the property) are located by listing the property on the MLS…

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