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[VIDEO] The 3 Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Wholesalers Make

In this short video, real estate investor and attorney, Bill Bronchick discusses the three biggest mistakes real estate “wholesalers” make when trying to flip a property.

Watch the video and see what you may be doing wrong on your wholesale deals…

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Which Payday Do You Want: Cash Now or Long-Term Cash Flow?

Which would you prefer – cash for today or wealth for tomorrow? How about BOTH?

Many people start off wholesaling and flipping houses and never make the transition from transactional income streams into long-term wealth building and residual income streams. Don’t lose sight of the long-term game plan….

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What They Don’t Tell You About Flipping Houses

Flipping houses is the creative investing technique of choice for many beginners. For those brand new to the business, it appears to be the best place to get started because it requires little or no money and seems to have very little risk.

However, all that glitters is not gold. Here’s a dirty little secret most beginners don’t know about….

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How to Negotiate a Real Estate Deal Without Saying a Word

I don’t like to negotiate with sellers, it just doesn’t fit my personality.

But I have found one very strong method for getting people to realize the problems with a house without me having to verbalize the problem. This is important because you never know if the owner did the work themselves.

Here it is.

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4 Easy Steps to a Great Wholesale Deal

The real estate market is roaring back! And today’s market can be good news for wholesalers who learn to capitalize on these opportunities.

Wholesaling works with all asset classes of real estate including single family, duplex, multi-family, mobile homes, commercial, and land. Here’s a case study of an actual wholesale deal I completed on an apartment complex….

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Real Estate Investing: How to Get Started

You recognize that today’s real estate investing opportunities are the best that we have experienced in many years. But real estate appears to be so complicated and so risky that you never do your first deal.

How can you avoid the mistakes and risks associated with being a new real estate investor?

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7 Ways to Fix and Flip Your House Fast with Curb Appeal

When you buy houses to fix and flip, one key to your success is to buy the worst house in a nice neighborhood.

If you can buy the house at the right price and create value with the right renovations, you’ll have the opportunity to sell the house and create a nice payday for yourself….

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How to Connect With a Motivated Seller in 5 Easy Steps

What do you say to the seller who calls you on the phone? Don’t waste your time with people who aren’t motivated to sell.

Here are 5 specific steps to make sure you maximize your experience and find out the seller’s true level of motivation.

The seller will soon realize that you’re a pro–you know what you’re doing….

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The Biggest Mistake Real Estate Flippers Make

The biggest mistake most flippers make can be so easy to avoid, yet so costly when it occurs. Newbies and veterans alike make it, and unfortunately, flippers rarely recognize it as a mistake at all. Instead, they tend to blame the economy, the market, or just plain bad luck.

But this mistake has nothing to do with outside factors like the economy and everything to do with….

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Is Flipping Houses Ethical?

If you define flipping as buying a dilapidated property, completely renovating it and then reselling it, then such a noble act as turning a neighborhood eyesore into a beautiful home is hardly an ethical question.

Flipping houses is perfectly legal as long as there is no fraud involved. But there is the other side of the coin, and law and ethics can be two very different things…

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