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7 Ways to Fix and Flip Your House Fast with Curb Appeal

When you buy houses to fix and flip, one key to your success is to buy the worst house in a nice neighborhood.

If you can buy the house at the right price and create value with the right renovations, you’ll have the opportunity to sell the house and create a nice payday for yourself….

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3 Ways Real Estate Investors Can Use YouTube for Marketing

Real estate investors should always focus on effective marketing–to find motivated sellers, to find great tenants, to build a wholesale buyers list, for finding private lenders, and to sell houses. Your effort needs to focus like a laser, deliver a strong message for the audience, and reach a lot of people.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video should be worth a million words. Here’s how you can deliver “millions of words” through video…

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Wholesaling: How to Build an Investor Buyers List

Knowing you have a list of potential buyers makes the job a whole lot easier and gets you cash a whole lot FASTER. It may seem crazy to line up investors even before you even have a house, but believe me, it’s a necessary step!

Think about this for a moment – suppose you find a great deal with a huge profit potential. You know you can get a contract on it. Great. But you can’t make ANY money until you have…

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