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Mobile Home Investing Trumps Single-Family Houses

In today’s economy, people will be trading down in housing far more than trading up. Mobile homes are the most affordable “single family homes” available, and they generate far more income at a fraction of the cost….

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6 Reasons Why Now Is a Great Time to Invest in Apartments

Apartment Investments are historically one of the most stable of the commercial real estate asset classes. You can make more growth equity in the Retail or Office asset classes, but you are exposed to a more volatile economic cycle. Apartments have some exposure to the economic cycle, but it’s nowhere near as significant.

As a result, the type of affordable housing that Multifamily Apartments represent will provide stability and safety, even as other economic sectors suffer through dramatic swings.

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5 Factors You Must Consider When Investing in Apartment Buildings

When I am considering investing in an apartment building, the ultimate question in my mind is: Is this a good deal? I know that sounds obvious, but I am amazed at how many investors don’t know how to recognize a good deal.

Learning to recognize a good deal takes research, education, and experience….

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Investing in Apartments: Cash Flow, Appreciation, and More

In this first blog article, I’ll introduce you to the many reasons you should consider investing in apartments. I have experience investing in apartments and single-family houses, and after considering the pros and cons of each, I choose apartment investing.

Why? Cash flow.

I think investing in apartments has many advantages over investing in houses.

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