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Success Story: $295,000 Profit on a Self-Storage Property

I really hadn’t planned on selling the property because I acquired it at a good price and had stabilized it up to 85%-90% within six months.

But, a year later the broker approached me with an offer from a motivated buyer. I ended up selling it for $620k. Not bad for a property I held for only 18 months.

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Real Estate Investing Is a Relationship Business (My Story)

I’m glad to have the opportunity to share my latest investment in hopes of inspiring anyone in need of a nudge or offering some valuable information.

I recently just closed on an under-performing and value-added commercial real estate opportunity – a self-storage property in Kern County, CA.

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The Amazing Power of Income Property Math

If I had the power to make schools teach one thing, it would be this: Trading time for money is the least effective way to earn income. JOB truly does stand for “Just Over Broke.”

If I had the power to make schools teach two things, the second would be….

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Top 2 Best Ways to Find Great Apartment Buildings to Wholesale

If you’re wholesaling apartment buildings, your job is finding great deals–deals so good that investors act fast to take them off the market, before investors snatches them up.

There are a quite a few ways to find multi-family deals, but these two approaches will provide you a steady flow of great deals that you can either flip for quick cash or “buy and hold” for cash flow.

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Make Big Money Buying Small Self Storage Facilities

Many savvy investors are turning self-storage “Cinderella” facilities into the belle of the ball. Some investors and small companies have made a small fortune focusing only on investing in Class C Facilities and improving them to solid Class B contenders.

It’s not as tough as you may think. Here’s how…

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The Rebound of Industrial Real Estate

From 2012 to 2013, residential home prices have continued to increase in value due to a combination of record low mortgage interest rates, very low home listing inventory levels, and an increased demand from individual buyers and large investment group buyers.

Commercial real estate has begun to follow that lead….

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Why Commercial Real Estate Values Are Now on the Upswing

In spite of our shaky economy, residential and commercial property values have improved in many parts of the country.

Cheap money and easier underwriting lending guidelines are two of the main reasons why property values have appreciated right along with our increasing rates of inflation.

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Why Mobile Home Parks Can Be a Great Investment

Mobile home parks are some of the best investment options today. Consistent monthly income and lower maintenance costs, as compared with other investment properties, make them an ideal investment.

Few real estate investments today generate more net cash flow than mobile home parks.

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How to Buy Mobile Home Parks Without a Bank

You want to buy a mobile home park with little or no money down. But how do you finance it? Banks are just one source of financing, and not nearly the best one. Here are other ways to buy a mobile home park without a bank….

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How to Find Profitable Mobile Home Parks

Mobile home parks are tremendous investments, but how do you find the motivated sellers that make profitable deals possible?

If you are new to the industry, you’ll want to look close to home. The closer to home, the better. I’d look within 50 miles of home to expand the number of opportunities, but hope you find a park much closer.

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