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The 10 Commandments of Property Management

Although I read books and attended trainings on property management when I first got started, the bulk of these 10 commandments came from over a decade in The School of Hard Knocks.

Every landlord should apply these simple principles….

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Top 3 Web Resources for Landlords

The key to being a successful Landlord is having great systems in place–like a professional manager. With these three web resources, you’ll be able to reduce your stress level and increase your productivity.

Then you can focus on increasing profits and buying more houses….

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Which Payday Do You Want: Cash Now or Long-Term Cash Flow?

Which would you prefer – cash for today or wealth for tomorrow? How about BOTH?

Many people start off wholesaling and flipping houses and never make the transition from transactional income streams into long-term wealth building and residual income streams. Don’t lose sight of the long-term game plan….

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3 Myths That Keep Investors from Buying and Holding Rental Property

Rental demand is the highest it’s been in several years, and although prices are inching upward, there are still great deals for diligent investors who know how to buy houses at discounts.

What prevents most investors from building their portfolio is fear. The fear is typically based on myths, not reality. Are any of these myths holding you back?

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Buy Houses at Prices from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and Rent Them at 2013 Prices

If you could learn to buy houses at prices from 1970s, 1980s or 1990s and rent them for prices from 2013, would that interest you?

I believe that history will show that in the next five years more real estate wealth was created than any other time in the past several decades.

You may be wondering how it is possible….

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Section 8 Rentals: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Do you remember the Clint Eastwood western movie, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”? Investing in real estate and renting to Section 8 tenants is much the same. A lot of landlords love Section 8, and a lot of landlords try it out and find it is bad and ugly to deal with…

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How to Build a Portfolio of Rentals Without a Bank

Building a portfolio of rentals is the single biggest wealth-creating opportunity of our lifetime. Real estate investors who rely on bank financing are struggling and failing because the large down payments required and underwriting criteria make it very difficult to buy investment real estate.

Those of us who have figured out a way to eliminate banks from our investing equation are succeeding massively…

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9 Ways to Eliminate Real Estate Investment Risks

Investing in real estate can be a little scary at times, especially for beginners. But real estate investing doesn’t need to be risky in order to provide tremendous returns.

Don’t let your fears hold you back from jumping into the very best real estate market we have seen in decades. Instead, use these 9 steps to minimize your risk and feel good about your real estate investments.

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3 Ways to Build Wealth by Investing in Real Estate Now

Investing in real estate is your best bet for building wealth. Warren Buffet recently stated, “If I had a way of buying a couple hundred thousand single-family homes….I would load up on them.”

There has never been a better day than today to prepare for your future. So, what can you do to achieve your financial goals and build wealth this year? Here are three ways to build wealth by investing in real estate, and you can take action on them right now.

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Are You Ready to Create Cash Flow Now?

Real estate has historically created more wealth than any other investment platform. This exchange or transfer of wealth has happened over and over again and most clearly during the tough economic times of recession.

I believe we are experiencing the greatest transfer of real estate wealth of our generation. Understanding the dynamics at play in the current market and how to position to leverage the voids in the market with low downside risk is the key to your wealth and income.

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