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How I Built My Six-Figure Airbnb Empire (with No Cash, Credit, or Properties)

How I accidentally got started on Airbnb…

At the time, I was working a 50+ hour a week job and was renting an apartment with a roommate who gave me notice he was moving out.

I had heard of Airbnb and had done some research on them. With that I started thinking…

I could either go find a roommate, or, I could try out this Airbnb thing.

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Success Story: Apartment Building for No Money Down

Mike Melvin was a real estate investor in New Brunswick, Canada. By 2010, Mike had bought and sold about 40 properties, all of which sold at or near the top of the market.

But by the end of 2011, he was out of real estate investing completely, and a bad divorce destroyed his motivation.

It’s 2017 and he’s back in the game! Mike now has an apartment building with $1,500+ per month positive cash flow in what really IS a no money down real estate deal with an infinite return.

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Landlord 101: How to Evict a Tenant

Even if you’re a great landlord, you’ll probably have to go through the eviction process at least once in your career.

Whether a tenant is disturbing other tenants, struggling to pay rent, or damaging your rental property, as a landlord, you need to have a firm understanding for when it’s legal to evict a tenant, as well as the lease termination process.

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The Growing U.S. Rental Industry & How You Can Profit

Declining home ownership has catalyzed the American rental industry, with the average renter household growth reaching 770,000 annually.

The increasing demand of rental accommodation has pushed national vacancy rates to 20-year lows.

Could these circumstances make NOW the perfect time for real estate investors to cash-in on the current rental growth and get their hands on rental properties?

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Investing in Small Apartments for Monthly Income

Many real estate investors today are looking for ongoing cash flow–especially as they grow closer to retirement. Investing in smaller apartment buildings is a wonderful way to derive a solid income stream.

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be more likely to invest in one that is lucrative and brings fewer headaches…

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Top 2 Best Ways to Find Great Apartment Buildings to Wholesale

If you’re wholesaling apartment buildings, your job is finding great deals–deals so good that investors act fast to take them off the market, before investors snatches them up.

There are a quite a few ways to find multi-family deals, but these two approaches will provide you a steady flow of great deals that you can either flip for quick cash or “buy and hold” for cash flow.

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Your Best Retirement Plan: One Good Property

Buy just one 30+ unit mobile home park, and your monthly cash flow can pay all park expenses, including a manager, and all your personal bills, too.

You can “retire” as soon as you stabilize operations and establish your systems with a manger who works for you….

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4 Benefits of Using a Master Lease Option for Apartment Buildings

Why buy an apartment building when you can RENT one?

If you are buying an apartment building with the intent of improving and flipping it within a few years, the Master Lease Option for Apartment Building Strategy may be the way to go.

There are four main advantages of using the Master Lease Option for apartment buildings….

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Why Apartment Buildings Are Such Popular Investments Today

In recent years, apartment buildings have become a popular investment option for investors interested in finding good yields for their money.

Do you want to work for your money, or do you want your money to work for you? Apartment buildings are some of the best ways to generate exceptional monthly cash flow for investors today.

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Section 8 Rentals: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Do you remember the Clint Eastwood western movie, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”? Investing in real estate and renting to Section 8 tenants is much the same. A lot of landlords love Section 8, and a lot of landlords try it out and find it is bad and ugly to deal with…

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