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Zach Braunel is an entrepreneur who has sent out millions of pieces of direct mail. His company, Yellow Letters Complete, is one of the largest hand-addressed direct mail marketing companies in the world, helping other entrepreneurs achieve exponential growth in their businesses.

You can visit Zach at his website: and connect on Facebook and Twitter.

5 Reasons Yellow Letters Generate a Higher Response Rate

Yellow letters get opened!

They look like real letters, or invitations, or personal thank-you notes you’d receive from someone you know. They’re hand addressed and use a real postage stamp.

And when you mail them to a targeted list, your response rate can be phenomenal….

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#1 Trick for Stellar Results from Your Motivated Seller Marketing

Want the highest possible response rate on your marketing to motivated sellers? Of course you do.

The biggest problem with most direct mail is: It doesn’t get opened. Our instinct and habit is to throw it in the trash. That’s part of the reason The Yellow Letter works so well…

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