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Mike Johnson was able to semi-retire six years after buying his first mobile home park. He now owns two parks and is looking for more. Mike is the author of “43 Ways to Earn Cash Today” (for tenants) and “101 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service Today” (for landlords and managers). Mike can be reached via

About the Author...

Mike Johnson made the journey from working jobs to freelance writer to entrepreneur to passive income and early retirement. He’s owned mobile home parks since 2003 and “retired” at age 52. He teaches others how to do it at

He's the author of “43 Ways to Earn Cash Today” (for tenants) and “101 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service Today” (for landlords and managers). You can also find Mike at

When You Can’t Bear Your Job Anymore, Read This…

I think I was about 40 when I had the epiphany that super-charged my life. I didn’t need to save a massive nest egg to retire, I just needed enough monthly, passive income to exceed the amount of my monthly bills.

Once I achieved that, I’d be free of jobs and work schedules forever. No commute, no kooky bosses or coworkers.

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How to Retire *This Year* Using Real Estate

If you dream of immediate retirement, this is your year. The good life stands ready and waiting for you to claim it.

If you’re motivated, there’s no reason you can’t self-educate and retire within the next 12 months, no matter how much money you have right now.

You’re going to use real estate to do it…

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The Amazing Power of Income Property Math

If I had the power to make schools teach one thing, it would be this: Trading time for money is the least effective way to earn income. JOB truly does stand for “Just Over Broke.”

If I had the power to make schools teach two things, the second would be….

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Your Best Retirement Plan: One Good Property

Buy just one 30+ unit mobile home park, and your monthly cash flow can pay all park expenses, including a manager, and all your personal bills, too.

You can “retire” as soon as you stabilize operations and establish your systems with a manger who works for you….

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How to Buy Mobile Home Parks Without a Bank

You want to buy a mobile home park with little or no money down. But how do you finance it? Banks are just one source of financing, and not nearly the best one. Here are other ways to buy a mobile home park without a bank….

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How to Find Profitable Mobile Home Parks

Mobile home parks are tremendous investments, but how do you find the motivated sellers that make profitable deals possible?

If you are new to the industry, you’ll want to look close to home. The closer to home, the better. I’d look within 50 miles of home to expand the number of opportunities, but hope you find a park much closer.

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Mobile Home Investing Trumps Single-Family Houses

In today’s economy, people will be trading down in housing far more than trading up. Mobile homes are the most affordable “single family homes” available, and they generate far more income at a fraction of the cost….

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