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Jeff Holzmann is the U.S Managing Director of iintoo, an online real estate investment company that eliminates the barriers between accredited investors and fully vetted development projects that were once exclusive to professional financiers.

Jeff has 20 years of experience in tech and real estate. He has a diverse professional background that includes 10 years as a commercial airline pilot and hosting an Israeli talk show.

Jeff understands the benefits and pitfalls of online investing and acknowledges the challenges the crowdfunding industry still needs to overcome to be more transparent. He has a unique insight into the current real estate sectors that make the smartest investments.

Top 4 Tips for First-Time Crowdfunding Investors

There are over 100 real estate crowdfunding websites battling to secure investors – all promising high rates of returns.

For new investors looking to take a dip into the real estate crowdfunding pond, the choices can be overwhelming.

These four basic tips will help investors enter this growing industry and discover which platform and asset class suits them best.

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