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Ben Innes-Ker is a creative real estate entrepreneur who has been buying, fixing, managing, and selling single family houses and apartment buildings since 1991.

He is the author of the SMART Guide To Apartment Investing and The Apartment Wholesaling System.

You can visit Ben at his website:

The Real Estate Cycle: How to Buy Low, Sell High, and Build Wealth

By understanding the real estate cycle, you can very intentionally “buy low and sell high.”

And you can grow your equity at what Warren Buffett calls “business rates of return” with minimal risk. Let compounding build your wealth.

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Top 2 Best Ways to Find Great Apartment Buildings to Wholesale

If you’re wholesaling apartment buildings, your job is finding great deals–deals so good that investors act fast to take them off the market, before investors snatches them up.

There are a quite a few ways to find multi-family deals, but these two approaches will provide you a steady flow of great deals that you can either flip for quick cash or “buy and hold” for cash flow.

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