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Al Aiello, CPA, MS Taxation, Real Estate Investor is a National Speaker and foremost expert on Wealth Protection for Real Estate Investors. The LLC Master Machine is the asset protection system he designed specifically for real estate investors. For more information about this money-saving system go here.

Tax Deductions: The Best, the Worst, the Trickiest

The best tax deductions are those that do not require cash outlay, yet generate tax savings for you while the property is still generating a positive cash flow and appreciating.

The worst tax deductions are those with significant audit risk, such as deductions taken on highly audited IRS schedules. Here are the best, the worst, and everything in between…

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How to Totally Avoid the Dreaded Dealer Status When Flipping Houses

When you get into “selling” scenarios (like wholesaling, retailing, options, lease options), the IRS may try to classify you as a “dealer.”

Being tagged as a dealer could be a financial disaster because, unlike an “investor,” you are subject to the highest ordinary income tax rates, plus self-employment taxes, and possibly….

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How to Protect ALL Your Assets Forever With a Properly Structured Trust

There are many types of trusts. Our focus here is an estate planning trust that starts with a revocable living trust. The primary purpose is to transfer your assets to your heirs upon your demise without the cost and agony of probate.

You have superior family legacy planning because anything a will does, a properly structured trust does much better as follows….

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Real Estate Investors: 13 Items Your Insurance Won’t Cover

Anyone in real estate you deal with is a potential dispute.

You should absolutely have liability insurance. But insurance doesn’t protect you from legal disputes with tenants, contractors, partners, and others.

Moreover, insurance does not pay you for attorney fees and court costs related to these uninsured legal actions….

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A Super-Powerful Asset Protection Strategy – Debt!

Asset protection is more important now than ever before because there are 82,000 lawsuits filed DAILY with real estate being a BIG target. There are numerous vehicles to protect you – LLC’s, trusts, insurance – including combinations of these.

There is a also very powerful (but overlooked) asset protection technique called “Equity Stripping” ….

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Select the Right Entity for Your Real Estate and Save Thousands

Money-saving entity selection is not based on arbitrary guess work, but on factual data by examining the three sides of an entity – the LEGAL side governed by state law – the TAX side governed by tax law – and the IRS side governed by statistics as to which entities are audited the most or the least.

Here’s how to get the BEST of all three sides….

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