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Top 3 Ways to Find Real Estate in Today’s Market

Long time real estate investor, education, and attorney, Bill Bronchick, explains his three favorite ways to find good real estate deals:

  • For Sale By Owners
  • Motivated Landlords (aka “Burned Out” Landlords)
  • Probate
for sale by owner

Motivated Seller?

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About the Author...

William Bronchick, J.D. is a nationally-known attorney, author, and speaker. He has been practicing law and investing in real estate since 1990 and has been involved in over 2,000 real estate transactions.

Bill has served as President of the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors since 1996. He is the author of many excellent real estate investing courses.

You can visit Bill Bronchick at his web site:


  1. Sheena Blankenagel says:

    Great clip Bill, as usual.
    Thanks for sharing this with us!


  2. Joel Rossell says:

    Thanks for sharing, good info.

  3. kentech real estate solutions says:

    How enlightening to hear my thoughts backed up by an expert!
    Thank you for the great advice Bill.
    Ken Williams

  4. Karen Emery says:

    Have you also consider the demographics of people who are ready to downsize? This includes seniors who have owned a home for 20+ years. It can even be combined with income and a low Financial Stability Indicator score.

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