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Big Bucks From Big Signs

This book is for those looking to buy, build, or otherwise get into the Billboard and Outdoor Advertising Industry.

Only $79

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Billboard Ground Rent Analysis

Are you a Landowner who needs help negotiating a New or Existing Billboard Ground Lease to Maximize Your Income?

Only $49.95

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How to Buy, Sell, and Operate RV Parks and Campgrounds

A ‘Step-By-Step’ Book that Removes the Guesswork and Frustration out Of Buying, Selling, and Operating RV Parks and Campgrounds.

Only $39.95

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Mobile Home Community Manager Training

The Certified Community Manager Program teaches your Manager how to be a star, and then follows that up with continuing education and support to make sure they play at the top of their game.

Only $299.00

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Mobile Home Park 10/20 Method

It is a simple system to follow and after reviewing the deals that we have done, we know it is the only way to consistently profit in the Mobile Home Park Business.

Only $59.95

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Mobile Home Park Deal Evaluation

Quickly and reliably get the answer to your question: Is this a good deal or not?

Only $199.00

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Mobile Home Park Due Diligence Manual

This manual allows you to find flaws that protect you from overpaying and losing your down payment. It helps point out the drivers to profitability that will allow you to proactively push your returns.

Only $159.00

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Mobile Home Park Home Study Course

This mobile home park course is hundreds pages and hours of audio. This is not like other real estate courses that just gloss over the subject.

Only $597.00

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Mobile Home Park Investor’s Boot Camp

Learn the mobile home park insider secrets, tricks and shortcuts in a 3-day immersion event.

$1,999 for one ticket or $2,999 for two.

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RV Park Investment Home Study Course

•18 CD’s and a PDF Download of the Transcripts
•The 300+ Page RV Park Investment Manual
•The 200+ Page Due Diligence Manual – “30 Days of Due Diligence”
•Bonus 1: All of our forms and contracts to Buy and Operate RV Parks
•Bonus 2: Two Free Quick Deal Reviews

Only $397

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Self Storage Investing Home Study Course

You’ll discover the foolproof, step-by-step guide to finding, buying, and running a profitable self-storage business… even if you have NO experience whatsoever.

Only $497

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The Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence Manual

Do not purchase any commercial real estate until you have completed this course on due diligence – it might just save your investment.

Only $199

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