Real Estate Investing Resources

by J.P. Vaughan   

Since 1995, CRE Online has compiled a massive amount of real estate investing information and resources. Here’s where we answer our most common questions so you can find the information you need.

Where's the information I need?

Our how-to articles are real estate articles written by the most successful real estate investors in the country. Interested in learning how to get started with little or no money down, foreclosure real estate, lease options, rehabs, quick flips, subject to? You'll find that training and a whole lot more.

Hundreds of real estate investing enthusiasts have told us these real estate investment articles are a "gold mine." So dig in and start mining...

Money-making ideas are ideas anyone can use immediately to solve a problem, increase profits, save money, or make money. You'll find a variety of no money down and creative investing ideas here. These are contributions from a variety of real estate investing pro's who freely share this information.

In our Store, you’ll find "cream of the crop" products for real estate investors, hand-picked by CRE’s Publisher, J.P. Vaughan, because they reveal proven time-tested strategies that really work in today's marketplace.

How do I get answers to my questions?

One of the biggest benefits you will receive from joining the CRE Online family is access to our real estate forum. Many experienced investors who believe in the CRE Online philosophy enjoy "giving back" to the community by answering questions and sharing resources in the discussion forum.

If you want to "network" with other investors, the CRE Online Community is the place to be.

How do I know this stuff really works?

After checking out all of our free resources and our Community, you'll know in your gut that this stuff works. But if you're still a little doubtful, you can read our hundreds and hundreds of real-life success stories from people just like you.

For beginners, they offer evidence that "no money down" and creative real estate investment deals really can be done in today's marketplace. For those of us with a little more experience investing in real estate, these stories refresh our perspective, lift our spirit, and motivate us to pursue that next deal.

About the Author:

j.p. vaughanJ. P. Vaughan founded Creative Real Estate Online ( in 1995 and has been the Publisher since then. She is the author of How to Buy Your Dream House for 1/2 Price (Quantum Publications 1994, out of print). She is also an attorney who practiced law in Michigan until she started investing in real estate full time in 1988.

J.P. is very proud of her daughter, Jeanne, who has been working with CRE Online since 1998 and is the Editor and Director of Operations.

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