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The CRE Online real estate investing community is a place where like-minded investors share information and solve problems. You can network and brainstorm with other successful investors and get answers to your questions from the CRE Online experts who host our various real estate investing forums.

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Real Estate Forum

The Real Estate Forum is our main real estate investing discussion group. Ask questions and discuss real estate investments, no money down, creative real estate techniques, and all other real estate investing related subjects. Our real estate investing forum hosts are experts, Marko Rubel and Jim Ingersoll.

real estate forum host, Marko Rubel

Marko Rubel is a leading authority on creative real estate investing and an active investor who has bought and sold more than 300 properties. He believes anyone can turn their life around with creative real estate investing, regardless of their present situation, and he attributes much of his own early success to CRE Online.

He is an active, full-time real estate investor who has bought and sold more than 300 properties. Using his proprietary automated systems, he earned profits exceeding $1,000,000 in a single year, while working only a few hours per deal.

He attributes much of his early success to After being "downsized" from a corporate job in 1997, Marko spent hours every day reading the articles and participating in our forums.

real estate forum host, Jim IngersollJim Ingersoll is a successful author, entrepreneur, and real estate coach who has bought and sold hundreds of houses. Jim’s passion is investing in real estate without bank financing, putting together creative real estate transactions, speaking, and coaching others. Jim has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, a graduate degree in engineering management, and is a Class A contractor. He resides in Richmond, VA.

He is also the author of "Investing Now: An Insiders Guide to Flipping Houses For Income Today" and "Cash Flow Now: How To Create Multiple Streams of Real Estate Income."

Commercial Real Estate Forum

commercial real estate forum host, Ray Alcorn

In our Commercial Real Estate Forum, you can learn how to make money investing in commercial real estate, including apartments, mobile home parks, shopping centers, hotels and other commercial income properties. Ask questions and participate in discussions with one of the foremost commercial real estate investing experts in the country, your host, Ray Alcorn.

Ray Alcorn is the CEO of Park Real Estate, Inc., located in Blacksburg Virginia, and he has closed over $50 Million in commercial real estate deals in the last five years alone.

Real Estate Financing Forum

In our Real Estate Financing Forum, you can discover how to accelerate your real estate investing success by understanding and using lender financing. Ask questions and participate in discussions with one of the foremost real estate financing experts in the country, your host, Ed Garcia.

financing forum host, Ed Garcia

Ed Garcia has been a lender and investor since 1968. He is the CEO of American Heritage Financial Corporation, located in Rancho Cucamonga California. Ed is currently doing banking lines of credit, Hard Money, as well as both residential and commercial lending in California.

In addition to Ed's extensive financial background, he is also a seasoned investor. As such, Ed is a lender with a dealmaker's mindset.

We have known Ed Garcia for many, many years. He is a man of the highest honor and integrity. We are proud to call him our friend. Because of his unique qualifications and stellar reputation, we unequivocally endorse Ed Garcia as our official CRE Online Lender.

Mobile Homes Forum

In our Mobile Homes Forum, you'll discover how to make money investing in mobile homes and manufactured housing, mobile home parks, and mobile home paper. Ask questions and participate in discussions with two of the foremost mobile home experts in the country: Lonnie Scruggs, the "inventor" of used mobile home investing, and successful investor, Tony Colella.

mobile home forum host, Lonnie Scruggs

Lonnie Scruggs owned, rented, and managed his own rental properties for 24 years. He became a burned-out landlord, sold all his rental properties, and started investing in discounted notes.

He soon developed his own specialty in used mobile home notes, where he has very little competition and earns very high yields.

Lonnie Scruggs is the "Father" of the used mobile home business. He was the FIRST to teach others how to make fantastic profits with once-shunned used mobile homes. And thousands of investors throughout the country can thank Lonnie for changing their their financial future for he better.

mobile home forum host, Tony Colella

Tony Colella holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in finance.

He began investing in mobile homes part time in 1998, while working full time as a Police Lieutenant. He's been selflessly helping other people get started by answering scores of questions on our Mobile Homes Forum for many years.

After several years of buying, selling and financing used mobile homes, Tony started investing full time and began to buy and develop land/mobile home properties and small parks.

Real Estate Legal Forum

In our Legal Forum you can ask our expert attorneys questions related to real estate law, entity selection, real estate tax issues, and other related topics. Your hosts are attorneys William Bronchick and John Merchant.

legal forum host, William Bronchick

William Bronchick is a nationally-known attorney, author, entrepreneur, and speaker. He has been practicing law and real estate since 1990, having been involved in over 2,000 real estate transactions. He has trained countless people all over the country to become financially successful.

Bill has served as President of the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors since 1996. He is admitted to practice law before the bars of New York and Colorado.

legal expert, John Marchant

John Merchant is a retired lawyer and long-time real estate investor. He's owned commercial real estate of every type in a number of states. He's a frequent speaker at real estate investment gatherings and contributes real estate investing articles to various real estate newsletters and publications.

His current focus is the operation and expansion of a foreclosure trustee company and mobile home wholesaling.

John's book Use of IRA and Other Retirement Plans in Real Estate Investing was one of the first to address this investment tool and has had many printings.

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