1 Little Postcard, 7 Deals

For the last couple of months, I’ve sent the following postcard to every “house for rent” ad in my local paper. I don’t call on the ad, I just use a CD reverse directory to get the addresses from the phone numbers.

Vacant? – NO MORE! Put your rental properties on “auto pilot” with our “Perfect Tenant” program. We’ll lease option your rentals on a long term basis and take care of ALL the hard stuff. You just tell us where to mail the monthly rent checks.

For a “no obligation” proposal, call Joe at (xxx) xxx-xxxx and never be faced with problem tenants, late payments, maintenance calls, vacancies, evictions, and all that other management nonsense.

This is a cheap, fast, and non-confrontational way to acquire properties, especially if you are just starting out and don’t like calling on ads.

About the Author:

Joseph M. Kaiser

Joseph M. Kaiser is a highly successful real estate investor who is a real doer. He is proud to be out, pounding the pavement nearly every single day, looking for the next bargain property to add to his investment portfolio.

Joe started investing in real estate in the mid-1980s and soon found his niche in foreclosures and lease options. He is the master at tracking down motivated sellers.