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Wealth Protection Strategies

by William Bronchick, JD


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Discover how to protect yourself, your business, and your family from lawsuits, taxes, and other financial disasters!

Revised for 2014:It's sad but true: When you build wealth and get rich, you become a target of lawyers, the IRS, and everyone that has less than you. It's not what you make, it's what you keep! But how do you keep it in today's lawsuit-crazy world?

  • What's better for real estate--an LLC or a land trust?

  • Should I incorporate in Nevada or Delaware?

  • How can I safely take more aggressive business deductions?

  • Which is better, an S corporation or C corporation?

  • What is the best way to protect my home?
You'll get advanced strategies, innovative tactics, new tax law updates, sample asset protection plans, and tons of additional, practical "how-to" information. Attorney William Bronchick reveals the hidden secrets of:
  • The most common ways to get sued in your business, personal and real estate affairs and how to avoid them

  • How to protect your real estate from judgments and IRS liens

  • Why a corporation will not always protect you from liability

  • How family partnerships and LLCs can "bulletproof" your wealth

  • How to be rich, but appear "broke" to your creditors and litigants

  • How to protect yourself in divorce

  • The right way to use a living trust for asset protection

  • Why and when Nevada corporations provide privacy and protection

  • How to get around "fraudulent conveyance" laws

"Like always Bill, you under promise and over deliver!" --Jackie Lange, Investor, Dallas, TX

"Once you make the commitment from being a casual tourist to an active real estate investor then Bronchick's courses are a must." --Paul James, Investor

"Bill Bronchick is on the ‘cutting edge' and came up with excellent innovations that I am now implementing" --A. Bredschneider, President Monroe County, MI Landlords Association

This course comes complete with:
  • A 142-page course manual

  • (6) Audio CDs

  • (4) DVDs recorded at a recent live workshop

  • If you wait until the lawsuit or the tax man comes, it will be too late. Take action now to protect everything you are building! Order your copy of Wealth Protection Strategies today!

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    The Legalwiz Guide to Asset Protection

    Get ALL four of William Bronchick's Wealth Protection home study courses: Wealth Protection Strategies, How to Create a Bulletproof Corporation, Your Step by Step Guide to Land Trusts, and How to Form Your Own LLCs all for one low price!


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