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How to Form Your Own Limited Liability Companies

by William Bronchick, JD


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WARNING: Your Odds of Being Sued Are GREATER
Than Your Odds of Being in the Hospital! Don't Own
Rental Real Estate In Your Name!

Revised for 2014: Attorneys charge hundreds of dollars per hour and most often don't even do the work! They give the basic information to a legal secretary or an outside service to draft the very simple paperwork, then mark it up to you, the client.

They are able to get away with this because of what they KNOW, not because of what they DO. You can learn the same information and do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Attorney William Bronchick explains in "plain English" the secrets of creating and maintaining limited liability companies and family limited partnerships for estate planning, asset protection and privacy.

This one-of-a-kind home study course teaches you:
  • How to create and use LLCs to protect yourself from lawsuits

  • Why an LLC beats an "S" corporation for holding real estate

  • How to use LLCs & Family Limited Partnerships to "judgment-proof" your assets from creditors

  • How to maintain legal formalities

  • How to prevent your LLC from being "pierced"

  • How to use a "Family" LLC to save thousands in estate

  • How you can form multiple LLCs to protect your real estate holdings without any additional tax reporting

  • How to make your creditors pay your taxes for you!

  • Using the single-member LLC to create multiple "subsidiary" companies

  • How protect your family business with an LLC or FLP


This course is the most well-designed & easy-to-read I have seen on the market. --W. Barnum, Tampa, FL

You can't go wrong with ANY of Bill's courses. I have them all. They are easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, and quite comprehensive. I refer to them frequently. --B. Konst, Investor, AZ

This course comes complete with . . .
  • 260-page workbook complete with state-specific legal references

  • 30-minute DVD from live boot camp

  • Legal forms CD-ROM with state-specific filing forms to create and use corporations without paying expensive attorney fees!

  • State-specific filing forms and instructions, including website and mailing addresses for your state department of corporations
Why pay an attorney thousands of dollars for paper-pushing? Do it yourself and SAVE!

Limited Time Offer!

The Legalwiz Guide to Asset Protection

Get ALL four of William Bronchick's Wealth Protection home study courses: Wealth Protection Strategies, How to Create a Bulletproof Corporation, Your Step by Step Guide to Land Trusts, and How to Form Your Own LLCs all for one low price!


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